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  • Adventure - Side-Scrolling / Platform (example - Mario)
  • February 1989
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Gameplay / Overview

Widely recognized as one of the best of the Mario Bros. series, Super Mario Bros. 3 has an "overworld" level selection structure, and allows Mario to wear special suits (like the Racoon suit which allows him to float down from his jumps).

Story / Plot / Characters

What is the basic story line for Super Mario Brothers 3? If you know, Click here to share the story of Super Mario Brothers 3 with other Stage Select readers!

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where do you the end of 6 on world 7?
9/18/2007 3:36:30 PM
Dear God, does anyone know how to beat the first castle in Super Mario 3-World 7 (Seven)- for super nintendo???
9/18/2005 10:58:17 PM

(posted: 10/31/2005 12:02:14 AM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm:

Hm, it seems you posted this question under the wrong game...

To get out of the World 7 fortress, you have to be able to fly. You can do this either by coming into the stage equipped with a tail of some kind or you can do it the fun way.

If you go to the right, you will see a door. Entering this door leads to a long empty room with a lot of doors. Go out the door on the far right that leads to the room that has a powerup box in it. You need only get the mushroom out of it if you are not Supersized. If you already are then you can disregard this step. Then work your way back into the room you started the stage in. Go back to where you started from and start breaking the bricks immediately to the right of the unbreakable blocks (the ones in the same row) there should be a P-Switch in that mess of blocks, 4 or 5 blocks over. Hit it and go into the door that appeared immediately to your left (or dive into the mountain of coins... it's really fun!). After you enter that room, go down the first pipe you see and you will be rewarded with a free Tanooki suit. When you emerge, work your way back to the really long room and fly to the top of the room about one screen away from the far left to find a pipe in the cieling.

From here you just need to defeat Boom-Boom. Easy!

I am in world 3 and I'm at the first castle, but I'm stuck there. How do I move on with all those doors?
9/14/2005 3:47:06 PM

(posted: 12/27/2005 6:23:16 AM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm:

Try thinking about the fortress as a giant room with a wall running down the middle. The wall has several doors, and they all lead to the other side of the wall, but only 3 of them will not plop you down into the water. There aren't terribly many doors in the fortress, so with a little perserverance you should be able to narrow it down fairly quicly. I hate to just say, 'Go in door X' as that would take some of the fun of exploring out of it. Go in Door 6

how do you get out of 6 in world 6?? keep going round in circles and can't find a way out
3/21/2006 8:49:16 AM

(posted: 4/7/2006 2:29:30 PM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm: Are you sure you don't mean stage 5 in world 6? Stage 6 is hard to get lost in. Stage 5 requires you to get the tail and then fly up towards the right side of the stage while carrying the turtle shell.

How do you beat the fortress in world 7
3/7/2006 8:44:06 PM

(posted: 4/7/2006 11:40:31 PM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm: I assume you're talking about the first fortress, as the second one is hard to get lost in (it's just hard to complete). If that's the case, then I already answered that here.

can you play mario brothers 3 on nintendo ds
6/12/2006 10:29:05 PM

(posted: 6/16/2006 5:03:46 PM) Answer Courtesy of pixelSHREDDER: Yes- pick up Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 for Game Boy Advance (DS plays GBA games, too)

I was wondering how to beat World 8 Castle, specifically which door do I go through. There are hundreds of them.
3/2/2006 1:04:53 PM

(posted: 7/8/2006 4:44:06 PM) Answer Courtesy of bonnienani: To beat the castle in world 8 you need to go down the pipe after each lava pit.  You'll do this several times.  The last one you go in will be elevated.  You hit an invisible coin block to the left of the pipe; jump on this, enter the pipe and you will be in a small water world.  Try to stay big at this point and avoid getting small; it's still totally possible to beat the level, but it's easier with fire power or if you're big.  After you leave the water level you encounter one of the lttle guys that thow the axes or whatever they are.  You'll need to jump on him and kill him.  If you're small you can try to jump on him quickly before he throws anything, but I usually stand close to him and wait until after he's jumped up and there's a pause in his throwing (wait for him to jump several time to figure out which jump there will be a pause in throwing after, sometimes there's no pause).  Before you jump to the final landing, watch out for the fire ball that comes out of the pit before the landing.  Beating the King Koopa is pretty much like other levels.  If I'm small, it's usually easier to run under him.  Hope this helps. Good Luck!

How do u pass the castle in world 8,can anybody plz tell me?
3/4/2006 7:52:16 AM

(posted: 7/31/2006 6:31:25 PM) Answer Courtesy of mario: well you should have the hammer suit or the fire flower to beat bowser, but there are relly hard obstacles to face so you might lose the power ups, but the best one I suggest is that tooniki suit

show me maps of the games
6/2/2006 3:46:20 PM

(posted: 8/3/2006 7:40:38 PM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm: There are some fantastic maps of this game over at

how do i beat the castle in the 8th level of the game
5/2/2006 10:25:55 PM

(posted: 8/10/2006 7:07:36 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: To beat the 8th world first go into the 2nd door then enter the first one. If done corectly you should be inside bowser's room.

in super mario 3, how do you get past the dungeon in world 8?
6/30/2006 10:48:29 AM

(posted: 9/11/2006 8:12:24 AM) Answer Courtesy of Gamer: Which dunguon? The Castle or The Lair of Broswer?

how in the world do you save
10/2/2006 1:25:26 AM

(posted: 10/11/2006 11:18:22 PM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm: On the NES version, you don't. However, you can get the two warp whistles in World 1 and use them to go to pretty well any stage you want: Use one in World 1 to go to World 2, 3, or 4, use it in Worlds 2 through 6 to go to World 4, 5, or 6, or use one and then immediately use the other one while you're in the Warp Zone to go straight to World 8.

I am in world one and I cannot get past the castle. What do I do?
9/26/2006 7:25:23 PM

(posted: 10/13/2006 9:09:43 PM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm: Keep practicing, the game only gets harder (and better) from there. Good luck!

Where are the warp whistles located in the game and how do you get to them?
10/27/2006 8:25:35 PM

(posted: 12/4/2006 11:54:33 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: The first one is in World 1 Level 3. Toward the end of the level there is a gray box above some bushes, hold down on the control pad and you will eventually fall behind the stage. Proceed behind the black part at the end of the level and the whistle is in a box in a Toad room. 

The second whistle is in the fortress of World 1. At the end of the first part of the level, obtain a Leaf and fly up the wall and to the right and the second whistle waits for you in a box.

The third whistle is in World 2.  After beating Level 4, in the far top-right corner, there is a rock you must break with a hammer. After that, beat two Fire Brothers and you get the last whistle.

How do you pass the first castle in World 3?
11/19/2006 2:35:18 AM

(posted: 12/5/2006 12:23:50 PM) Answer Courtesy of marcolino: Go to the castle and there are a lot of doors, all of which lead into the water bit, and then you get into the pipe and that takes you back to the bit you were in before. To beat this level you will have to be able to fly so you must start with a tail- you can get an infinite amount of mushrooms and tails from here because everytime you go into the water bit there is a question mark mushroom which you can take. Then once you've got you're mushroom go through the pipe again and into a door and get a tail. Once you do that start sprinting in the dry bit and once you reach your maximum speed, start flying a little bit, then go through one of the doors and fly as quickly as you can to the left of the screen. The door to the very left takes you to King Koopa.

How do you beat the last dragon in World 8?
9/26/2006 9:03:02 PM

(posted: 12/5/2006 12:25:59 PM) Answer Courtesy of marcolino: The only way to beat Bowser in this stage is to make him jump onto the bricks bit, jumping onto these bricks will destroy them, a bit at a time. Bowser will try to jump on top of you, so you need to be on top of the bricks which you want Bowser to jump on. Eventually when Bowser jumps and destroys the last set of bricks he will fall right through, make sure you are not on those bricks too, otherwise you will fall through. So avoid the fire coming out of his mouth, and when he jumps on top of you do not jump and get out of the way. Stay where you are, if you are small he cannot harm you, and if you are big press Down and lower yourself because his bottom half won't harm you, however if you jump and touch him while he is in the air, you will die or become little depending on your situation.

How do you beat the first castle you come to in World 8?
7/25/2006 2:00:06 PM

(posted: 12/5/2006 12:29:51 PM) Answer Courtesy of Marcolino: The first castle is quite complicated, it has what seems like an infinite amount of doors. The first door you need to try and go through is the one with all the bricks around it, so you need to be big to be able to break the bricks and go through the door. Next jump along the platforms above the lava pits to the right -I think it's the second door you come across, but I'm not sure- anyway, once you get to a bit where there are moving platforms and above you spikes coming froma low ceiling. There should be bricks nearby, break them and one brick should reveal a P-switch (blue half sphere with "P" written on it). This switch not only makes bricks turn into coins, but also it makes two white doors appear, you need to enter the door to the very right and once you do, you will face King Koopa.

How do I get past the castle in World 7?
11/8/2006 6:15:13 PM

(posted: 12/5/2006 12:30:55 PM) Answer Courtesy of marcolino: You need to be able to fly in this stage- at first you are in a room full of bricks, but you then have to go through a door which takes you to another room. If you have a tail in this room, fly to the top left of the screen and go through a pipe in the ceiling.

How do I beat the sixth stage in World 7?
12/2/2006 5:07:07 PM

(posted: 1/22/2007 8:07:08 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: This level is built similar to World 4's second fortress. There are lifts that you can ride, some of which can change direction. Follow the lifts to get to the top; note that because of the spike teeth, it is necessary to use the lifts in order to get to the pipe at the end without a P-wing.

How do you get the whistle in the first castle?
2/5/2007 10:49:40 AM

(posted: 2/19/2007 7:05:52 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: You've got to be able to fly. Have your tail and after you jump the lava, you'll see a question mark brick with a dead boney turtle and a door. Jump on the turtle to crush it. It will stay dead just long enough so that you can run and get your P-power. Fly up over the lava, then go to the right over the blue wall. After you are on top of it, walk to the right as far as you can go and when you stop, press up. You will now be in the room to get the whistle.

I know there are at least two whistles available, but I can only get the one that is located in the World 1 castle. Where is the other one, and how to I get it?
1/11/2007 7:31:57 PM

(posted: 3/7/2007 11:38:07 PM) Answer Courtesy of Mike: The first whistle is located in level 1-3. As you near the end of the level, there is a white block/platform that looks like it is screwed into the back ground. Jump on the platform (be sure to kill the creature on it). While standing on the platform, press down and hold it. After a few seconds you will drop down to the ground, but you will notice that mario is behind the scenery. Now make your way to the right towards the end of the board, but keep in mind that you can still be harmed by enemies so jump as necessary. As you go behind the black "finish zone," you will enter a mushroom house that holds the whistle inside. You already know where the second one is, but in fact there is a third if you happen to miss one of the first two. It can be obtained by using a hammer to break the rock (part of the scenery it would appear) that is located at the upper right-hand corner of the World 2 map. Breaking that rock reveals a mushroom house full of frog suits and one of the camel like creatures that contains 2 fireball shooters. Defeat the fire shooters and you will be awarded the third whistle (use a star from your item box for an easy triumph).

In World 8, after you pass Level 1 and Level 2, you have to beat a castle. I have gone in every door and every white door but I can't beat it. I feel it's impossible. What do you have to do to beat this castle?
2/6/2007 10:47:42 PM

(posted: 3/12/2007 9:01:58 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: Just Use A Jugem's cloud. if u dont have one GET ONE!

How do you get to worlds a-e?
2/27/2007 8:39:36 PM

(posted: 3/12/2007 9:39:04 AM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm: They don't exist, so you can't. 

How do you beat the first castle in super mario bros. 3?
3/1/2007 8:42:14 PM

(posted: 3/23/2007 7:43:24 AM) Answer Courtesy of DumQ Answerer: Assuming you are starting out small there are 2 ways to beat this level....One is to get the warp whistle(which can transport you to a different level)
Or you can beat bowser like everyone else....
Jump over the various pits of lava until you get to the Question mark sign...get the mushroom...continue to your right avoiding the swinging balls....Jump over more lava avoiding jumping lava balls....Get leaf....kill the skeleton then speed run until from the left side of the screen to the right...when you hit the stone wall on the left end repeatedly press the "A" button this causes you to fly for a short you begin to near the top of your screen as you continue to press the "A" button repeatedly go to your right this will allow you to go onto a ledge go all the way to the right and press  the up button............OR Kill skeleton get leaf and go through door by pressing up.....move to the right and wait for the thing to come down and munch then jump across the precipices speed run to the right of the screen...wait then when door comes up.... go in.....kill bowsers accomplice by jumping on him while he Doesn't look like a thanksgiving turkey .......Hope you enjoy my masterpiece.....

Hey I was wondering if anyone can explane how to beat the 1st castle in world 8? I know it's explained already but can anyone explane it more specifically? thx
3/31/2007 5:48:20 PM

(posted: 4/13/2007 7:40:11 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: see above

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