Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
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Gameplay / Overview
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is a side scrolling platformer for the SNES, and is a single player experience. It was published by Nintendo.

The save feature for Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is: battery.

Story / Plot / Characters

What is the basic story line for Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island? If you know, Click here to share the story of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island with other Stage Select readers!

Where are all the coins and flowers on the 5th World Extra Level in Yoshi's Island?
6/24/2007 4:02:50 PM
how do you kill big boo in level 2-4
6/19/2005 8:53:34 AM

(posted: 7/5/2005 4:09:15 PM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm: You can only hurt the Bigger Boo when you're looking away from it. So stand with your back to him and ricochet your eggs off the walls of the room to hit him when he comes after you.

HOw do you get a perfect score on "Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy"
4/8/2006 1:36:43 PM

(posted: 4/11/2006 12:58:11 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: are you missing 4 red coins? if so, on the very last part of the level, there is a log going slightly upward... you jump off of it twice, hitting your head on something, and a spring ball will drop down.  the coins are up there

How do I save the game? I thought it was automatically, but when I turn the game off and on again, my progress is gone! please help.
3/1/2006 10:33:13 AM

(posted: 4/16/2006 5:53:30 PM) Answer Courtesy of Tori Spelling: It should automatically save it but not at the middle ring. you should probably talk to the person who sold you the game and console.

where are the red coins in level 4-3 in SNES Yoshi's Island
4/24/2006 2:27:07 AM

(posted: 5/1/2006 11:15:27 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: 20 Red Coins in Level 4-4 of Yoshi´s Island:
4 red coins you get with balloons, 1 red coin upper left where a flyboy has it for some seconds
3 red coins over the moving trunks, 3 you get as a morphed helicopter
1 you get just to the right of the green tube you come out after the helicopter ride
1 more that the flyboy has for only some seconds just over the cannon, after you got last coin
1 more from the flyboy just after you see lots of turtles, just behind the plant (tricky to get), for some seconds
1 more to the extreme left of the grinning red flower
and the last 5 at the VERY END of the balloon ride.

How do I beat the 2nd boss in World 4? I seem to get lost when it comes to getting into the locked door and how to get up to it.
7/11/2006 12:01:54 AM

(posted: 8/23/2006 12:42:50 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: to beet level 4-4 you have to get all the keys from each door way only then can you unlock all the doors.( Hint: you have to  carry 3-4 keys)

How do you beat level 4-4 in Yoshis island?
4/22/2006 10:46:59 PM

(posted: 9/11/2006 8:12:24 AM) Answer Courtesy of anonymous: Once you get to the red door go in and  pound Marching Milde to the ground. He will split in two. Then pound those two to the ground. You will get 4 smaller ones. Keep doing this until you've got the tiny ones, and make them into eggs. 

I can't get the key or the flower in Cave of the Hedgehog. How do I get those? I tried pushing the boulder to that side, I can't get high enough to get over the left wall to the red flower, daisy and key!
10/16/2006 12:01:27 AM

(posted: 10/18/2006 2:07:57 PM) Answer Courtesy of Anna: From the beginning with the trees and monkeys jump on the trees all the way up and to the right. Collect the red coins and keep going right.

How do you kill the boss in World 3-4?
12/30/2006 8:32:15 PM

(posted: 1/24/2007 2:35:19 PM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm: Eat the Shy Guys, make eggs, hit the uvula (the wiggly thing in the middle).

How do I kill the turtle guy in Level 4-8?
2/4/2007 7:00:44 PM

(posted: 2/19/2007 7:02:52 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: You have to hit him three times with eggs that you get when he is on all fours, and you jump on his neck and they come out of his mouth. Once he has fallen over ground pound on his tummy for one hit.

How do you get past the two ! boxes on world 4 level 3?
12/29/2006 8:59:53 PM

(posted: 3/13/2007 10:30:00 PM) Answer Courtesy of Amanda:

using Baby DK, you jump and slam on the first one, or you can throw an egg at them.

Where is da 2nd key in world 3-4?
3/22/2007 8:32:48 PM

(posted: 4/13/2007 7:40:11 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

I don't know.

That's what I'm having trouble with to.

According to some other sites you hav to knock over a flower pot...?

I found the flower pot and it was impossible to knock over. Help!

On "Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy," I can only get 98 every time. I'm missing 2 red coins, can anyone tell me where? I found the ones at the end already when you have to get the bouncy, but I'm still missing 2.
5/3/2007 8:56:54 PM

(posted: 5/29/2007 7:43:54 AM) Answer Courtesy of Cassie: In the first part of the level above the locked door, in all that yellow stuff there are two flashing eggs. Hit two active enemies withthem to retrieve your final two red coins. Note the enemy must be active, so if those spikey thigns are walking around use them, dont use the fuzzy things

how do you get past the plant thing in level 2-8
4/9/2007 4:41:13 PM

(posted: 5/29/2007 7:44:02 AM) Answer Courtesy of Anna: Push the pottted plant right.  Avoid the blue smoke bubbles he spits out.  Keep pushing right until he falls off the platform.

Where are the flowers in level 5-5? I can only find 4.
10/6/2006 10:13:31 PM

(posted: 5/29/2007 7:44:07 AM) Answer Courtesy of Anna: 1- up in the tube
2- middle of helicopter part
3- end of helicopter part (very top right)
4- under pirhana plant
5- ride goonie after last 2 !! blocks when they are highlihted red, follow arrows up

Where do I find all the red coins in level 3-2?
10/5/2006 3:50:37 PM

(posted: 5/29/2007 7:44:12 AM) Answer Courtesy of Anna: 1- beside flower #1
2- "
3- "
4- flying over egg flower (have to get fast)
5- by egg flower
6- above pink platform that you activate by hitting
7- "
10- left of egg flower at top
(Jump left and up off of totating pink platform at top to get to hidden area)
12- hidden area
13- "
14- "
15- "
16- right of pink rotating platform
18- flying above pirhana plant (have to get fast)
19- behind spear guys
20- "

How do you get through the first part of level 4-8 to get to the boss?
8/30/2006 11:19:14 PM

(posted: 5/29/2007 7:44:17 AM) Answer Courtesy of Anna: Go right.  Shoot turtle shell to collect flower #1 and 2.  Shoot out blocks to get under ball and chain #1,2,3.  Go down.  Collect 2 red coins and go through door.  Collect eggs under rotating spike.  Hit cloud on left and go up the stairs.  Hit nect cloud, go up the stairs.  Avoid rotating spike and ball and chain, collect 2 red coins.  Jump out on right side down to eggs under rotating spike.  Hit 3 clouds to make 3 sets of stairs.  Drop down, collect flower, and go through one way entrance.  Go through door, collect turtle shell.  Carry down to area with cloud at bottom with the one-way by it.  Aim turtle through the slot and follow.  This will make a stairway to the door.  Go up and stairs and in the door.  Collect 2 red coins.  Jump on box for the key and go through circle for stars.  Go through the one- way entrance.  There are 2 eggs and a star cloud.  Go up to door.  (Go back down where you took the turtle shell to make stairs, but go left to door instead of right.  Go in door, star cloud and yellow egg.  Jump on platform and ride up.  Go in door.)  Go up to blue arrow you can ride (go straight up and break block to go in tunnel.  Pound the ground on the 2 marching milde's.  This makes 4 smaller ones out of each.  Either eat or jump on these.  This will get you a red coin.  Go back down tunnel)  Get on blue arrow and aim directly right to avoid hitting wall in the middle and falling into spikes.  There are 4 red coins.  On the other side, shoot down where arrow is to get 2 red coins.  Go in door with key.  Go up the stairs and collect 5 red coins, 5 stars in a clous.  Avoid fishing man.  Go up tunnel.  Aim up and break blocks.  Get 2 flowers.  Get arrow down.  Jump up and you are at the red door.  Follow path to stars circle at top.  Keep going right and you will be at the boss. 
There are many other ways to do this without getting everything.  There is a one-way below the part where you get the eggs under the rotating spike to the left so that you do not have to make the stairs.  Also, I think you can go around the 3rd ball and chain at the beginning instead of going down.  I just like to play the game and get all 100 points.

How do you beat level 4 world 5 once you get to the second stars circle?
8/22/2006 3:36:53 PM

(posted: 5/29/2007 7:44:23 AM) Answer Courtesy of Anna: Jump on the teeter totter, get one red coin on the right side.  From the left side jump against the wall and go down.  Go into the one-way entrance and go right.  Collect flower.  Push the orange block twords the wall on the right until the block gets taller and jump up.  Go through the green tube on the right.  Jump onto the moving platform.  Ride on the platform and collect objects along the way.  Mostly yellow coins and some clouds with stars in the beginning, and then throughout, there are 9 red coins and a flower.  There are also 2 hidden one-ups.  Do not let platform leave without you while you are collecting abjects.  Duck when you see the down arrows so that you do not fall off platform.  Twords the end, follow the arrows to jump over the block that is in the way so that you do not fall off platform, and then jump to avoid the spikes.  Go through door at the end.  Jump on the unshaven's or eat them until you reach the red door.  To beat the unshaven, keep hitting him in the heart.  There are extra eggs to the left on the edge.

In level 6-1 I am unable to get one of the flowers. I can get in there, but I cannot jump back out. This is the only stage that I cannot get 100 points on. Please let me know if you have any tips on getting that flower.
5/21/2007 10:59:27 PM

(posted: 6/12/2007 4:59:03 PM) Answer Courtesy of Anna: I aksed this question on Yahoo Answers also and got the answer from Dan A.  Here is what he said: "You can bounce eggs off of spikes without destroying them. Bounce an egg off of the spike floor (watch for bomb-carrying goonies overhead) so that it then hits the ceiling and finally the flower. It can be tough to aim, but an egg is key."

i can't find all flowers in level 2-4.. the castle of the big boo... someone know?
6/12/2007 4:24:48 AM

(posted: 6/30/2007 10:57:33 AM) Answer Courtesy of Brain2you:

Stage 2-4: Bigger Boo's Fort
Remember those bum biting boo buddies?! Well, the boos are ghosts that take some brains to beat. When you're facing boos, they'll blush when you face them but will chase after you when you're back is turned. Knock'em out by ricocheting eggs off wall.

You'll encounter some Boos very early in the stage. Hit the ! switch and make a dash to the right while picking up the FLOWER PETAL over the lava pit. By the time you enter the door, you should have four red coins and one flower PETAL.

When you enter the new area, ignore everything and head right into another set of doors. In here, you'll battle two Big Boos. Throw the eggs against the wall so they'll bounce off and hit the Boos. You'll pick up your second FLOWER PETAL after you whacked them both. Exit the door and before you hit the ? Cloud to form a staircase, grab the 3 RED COINS with an egg. Climb the stairs and follow the only accessible path until you reach another ? Cloud. Drop down and hit the ! Switch. Drop down another level and head right to grab some coins as well as popping another ? Cloud for a key. Head back left when you have it. When you climb back up the stairs, head left toward the egg. You'll see a crate, but you can't do anything about it right now. Keep jumping up until you ride a yellow platform to grab some RED COINS. At the end of the ride, head left to enter the locked door.

As soon as you enter the door, aim up and grab the RED COINS with your eggs. BE sure to grab all the RED COINS in this room and then make yourself to the upper right corner for a FLOWER PETAL. Head left after that to a pipe.

Smash the crate for some stars and then head right. Make your way to the middle ring. Pick up the fourth FLOWER PETAL and then carefully jump over the boogy man ghosts. They're invincible so jump over them when they're retracted. Hit the ! Switch and go to the other side.

After you exit the pipe, jump to the left for a secret ? Cloud holding a 1-Up. When you venture to the right, avoid all the fire spinning traps while you're picking up RED COINS. When you've reached the lava pit, jump onto the log and watch out for Boos.

The next area requires some fancy manuevering if you choose not to whack the Boos. The last of the RED COINS are in this room. Before you exit this door, about 8-9 stones on the left from the exit door has a breakable entry on the ceiling. Smash it so you can enter the door you saw in the beginning of this area. When you enter this area, shoot the blue Boo balloon three times until it drops a ! Switch. Coins will be everywhere, but the main reason why you're here is for the last FLOWER PETAL in the far left upper corner of this room. Beware of the Boo balloons--they are enemies.

In the room before the boss, you'll come across a middle ring. Cross it and then carefully jump onto the swiveling wooden beams.

The Boo is also pretty easy. The thing you should worry about are the pesky bats. When you hit the Bigger Boo, he will become bigger. Keep inflating him about four or so times until he goes BOOM!

how do you get the 3rd ball in 4-4 in yoshi ds
6/15/2007 5:16:26 PM
i can´t get 100 in touch fuzzy get dizzy cause i cant find all red coins, please explain to me where are they because i dndt understand the previous explanation!!!
9/4/2007 5:02:19 PM

(posted: 8/26/2008 11:21:41 AM) Answer Courtesy of ...: See that log at the end of the level? Stand on top of the log and jump. A springball will come down. Jump onto the springball and jump again to go into the secret area. The red coins are on the cloud somewhere. 

Where is the 2nd key in world 2-8?
6/11/2007 8:13:17 PM
how to save the game in yoshi's island 3
2/10/2007 10:19:38 AM

(posted: 8/26/2008 11:39:06 AM) Answer Courtesy of Yoshi Master: In level 3-4 to the second green tube. when u enter pass through the turtles till u get to the blue spotted door. Walk to your right and u see a crate. push the crate just before the door and jump on it to get to the floor above. kill the little people up there. There is a red vased flower pot. push to flower pot back to the door till it drops. the vase will break and out comes the key. Hope u find it!!!

How do you beat the ghost in world 2 in the first castle
9/12/2007 6:58:09 PM

(posted: 10/6/2008 1:13:55 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

face the wall and shoot an egg. It'll rebound and hit the Boo

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island cartridge.