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Posted 11/6/2006 8:20:07 AM , Spam at Stage Select
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Use this thread to report spam.

"I just saw some spam - what do I do?"
  1. Vote the comment down.
  2. Report it here.
I just wanted to post about spam... Spam will happen - it's the price we pay for allowing anonymous comments.

We've only had like... 1 spam message. But that one message means that more is coming.

Better spam protection will come... as people spam the site.

No system will be perfect by any means, and bots can deal with the basic protection I have on site now. I didn't go crazy with my spam protection, because I just wanted to get something basic done and out there. What I've done is 100% better than doing nothing.

The voting system removes some of the motivation to spam. Once voted down, spam comments won't be visable to search engines. It buys the admins time to remove the messages. And with HTML culling, they won't actually be able to link to anything, so there's no benefit in terms of their traffic.

Along with voting, HTML stripping, and CAPTCHA, there are a few other techniques that I can use to prevent bots, or at least make bot-usage not worth someone's time. Keyword trapping will provide some (very) limited protection, as will comment timers. 

If all else fails, anonymous posts will have to be approved by admins. I don't think we're anywhere near that point.

Just to be clear - it's not really my goal to STOP spam. It's my goal to be sure that it's not worth someone's time to spam.

I'd like you folks to use this thread to report spam - vote first, then report. We can use this thread as a small social network. Notify an admin here. Just link the page that has the spam.

Admins - Please don't erase spam messages. I want to keep the logging information that they give me. If you need to take action, simply edit the comment.


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Posted: 11/6/2006 5:18:59 PM ,
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On the same note, just something plain offensive or nasty let me know and I'll edit it out. Anonymous posting is not to troll or bash people, nor is it to offend. I'll edit these out when I see them.

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