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Posted 9/27/2006 8:50:26 AM , Several Updates to several places....
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I've updated the blog section of the MySpace page, so we're current there.

I've also updated the main page with some new shows - today's show is The Video Games Show. Should be a good one... it's long, at about 2 hours.

Updated all of the pages in the site so that they aren't broken any more. You might notice some slightly unusual stuff in "voting" on threads, but the voting still works. I am about half through making all the voting "AJAX" enabled.

Finally - I've updated a few press releases for yesterday and today.  I still have to work on providing the releases for the time that I was gone.

Today, there will be a story out of Barcelona - X06 is happening out there. I'll try to post something during the day if I can as a "Breaking News" item...


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