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Posted 9/4/2006 5:11:52 PM , I can't remember - Hey, shredder!
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You were pushing me to develop some manner of mega-tool for the site, but I can't remember exactly what you wanted to be able to do with it...  Updating every title, I remember, but what's wrong with the tools we have again?

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Posted: 9/5/2006 12:22:47 AM ,
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Well I think the old Gold Member Tools don't work anymore, but aside from that, yeah I was talking about bringing in a form to add multiple entries to the db (spanning systems for multiple-system entries) and adding in all or most of the necessary info, from one page. Although I guess the best way to do it would be to load up a page querying how many entries the person wants to add, then wnip up the form according to many many entries are being added. Like, say I wanted to add Madden 07 across the board. I'd click the 'add a lot of shit' link, select the number of entries I'm adding, then fill in the info on the next page. A process that would take well over 10 minutes would be cut down to maybe 30 seconds. Bam!

On a less head-spinning note, I like the new blood I'm seeing in the discussion pages. Or at least, the fanboy spitting contest in the PS3 article discussion. Hey, at least it's freeh spit!

Also my school finally started back up, so once I get settled into my schedule I'll clear the time to come back to doing the podcast like in the spring.. hopefully there'll be more to report on in September than August.. or July. Also, can't wait to see the comments posted by the Anon's about the podcasts we churn once we get crankin again....

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