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Posted 9/3/2006 12:16:10 AM , FS: Game Magazines from Japan (few Gamefans)
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Yes most from Japan, thats what makes them Rare and collectible, so here they are:

Dengeki Playstation 4/12/2002 (Kingdom Hearts Cover)

Dreamcast Magazine Dremag 9/29/2000 (Phatasy Star Cover)

Dreamcast Magazine Dremag 2/9/2001 (Hundred Swords Cover)

FAMITSU PS 10/29/2000 (Penguin ship Cover)

Famitsu 1/28/2000

Famitsu 10/12/2000 (Baseball Fox Cover)

V-Jump 8/26/2000 (Dragon Quest VII Cover)

Gamefan Volume 7, Issue 11 November 99 (Rayman 2 Cover)
Gamefan Volume 8, Issue 8 August 2000 (Jet Grind Radio)
Gamefan Volume 7, Issue 3 (Thousand Arms Cover)
Gamefan Volume 8, Issue 9 (First Persion Shooters Cover)

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