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Posted 9/3/2006 12:15:10 AM , I got PSX Games get 3, ALL Got to Go!
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If you have comment about the formatting PM me my ears are open, (other than that tough, just squint man, hell this is nothing compared to the 300 game listing that was shown b4)

3 for $15 Anything on here

(or 1 for 7) Thanks ^^

Lots of games got to go

TOKYO SHADOW (Recommended) - Through the streets of modern day Tokyo (search for clues guides) on this feared horrific genre.. In the town of of Shibuya, Kiyouko is seperated and Hedei is killed. Hedei becomes the ghost, the ancient strange of living. This dilemma nests on the Shibuya underground. As you move further along the way, challenge increases, check it out! (Act/shooting) Disks only-3 recommended
Aubird Force After (Space shooter simulation.. A Galactic war simulation placing mighty space cruisers and wingmen on a collision course with opposing forces across the cosmos)
Battle Arena Nitoshiden (Kids): Play as cute SD like characters in this battle arena famous fighting game
Battle Arena Toshinden 2 Japan (sequel to the Fighting game that started it a)
Beyblade 2002: (Spinners ram each other in battle arena again, surrounding
based anime story) Action/Anime
Civilzation (I think you know what it is! just added was )
DANCE The Great Hits! (Its better than your occasional DDR, it a video production game, may support your own CD even, dont recall. "You're the director, producer, and creative talent in the music video that you craft from scratch.
Dynamite Boxing (Defeat your opponent with various punches)
Emit vol 1~3 (Anime story RPG) Disks only
King of Producer (Awesome game where you Simulate in a Palace) 5.50
Floating Runner: crystals densetsu
Ford Racing US (Racer) 5.00
Ganoz: Cool Shooter by Atlus where you control a vehicle (like Descent)
GSZS Vol 2 (pop music in the German genre)
Hanafuda Graffiti: Koi Koi Monogatari (Mahjong Dating)
Hugo: The Evil Mirror Europe english
Hugo: Black Diamond Fever (Hugo is back to defeat the evil queen of darkness in this Action Platformer) Europe english
NAMCO MUSEUM Volume 4 Japan : It includes classics like Pac-Land, Ordyne, Assault, Genji and the Heike Clans &The Return of Ishtar,
Invasion From Beyond (space shmup with aliens aliens) USA
Jersey Devil (some marks) USA $5
Knight & Baby (Communication/ RPG Great game where you have this little guy as your helper!)
Nights Pachinko SOLD (From the famous Shmup from saturn Nights), it has its own Pachinko game with few others part of the Yamasa)
Firestorm Thunderhawk 2 SOLD
Mahjong Senjutsu: Anzou Michuru no Tsugi Akima Satsuhou (Warashi) 5.00
Iron Man / X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal (fun 2d action platformer based on the comic/show hero in English!!) US
Power Shovel US
Senteinel Returns US
Mahjong Pro (play as 1 or 7 japanese characters)
Master of Monsters J (Strategy RPG) 5.00
Chakusin Melody Damon (Japan melody and music, make your music, hear your music)
Chakusin Melody Damon Volume 2
Chakusin Melody Damon Volume 3
Chakusin Melody Damon Volume 4
Chakusin Melody Damon GOLD
Momotarou Densetsu 7 (Another of the huge title in Japan, the 7th in the series; Momotarou is a boy born from a giant peach to the surprise of his adopted parents. All the (un)usual wackiness of a Japanese orientated title no back insert) 6.00
Momotarou Matsuri (2nd RPG in Momotarou series' Festival, DQ style!) 6.00
Dokidemo Hamster 2 (Hamster raising simulation!)
Extreme Power (Mech Blastin Action) 6.50
Vehicle Cavalier (control vehicles, blast other mechers) Action 6.50
V Tennis (Virtual Tennis)
Project V6 (Anime interaction game starring a boy group)
Rapid Racer (A fun racer with speed boats)
Segare Ijiri (Learn Japanese style game) by ENIX
Star Ixiom (NEW SEALED, great game where you fly into hyper space remember to power up your ship, communicate with other ships and pilots and blast enemies away, gain the planets and complete your mission) 6.50
Neo Planet (animal!)
Over Blood 2 (just opened Complete with spine)
Pi to Mail (Unusual Email & sim, where you trade messages w/ other pocketstation users, communication!)
PAQA (Pocketstation fun!!) 3.00
Zietgeist (cool shmup)
Quo Vadis (A real time strategy like Command and Conquer in space, you choose a planet and destroy the enemy. Very addiciting cool scenes to show the mecha battle sequence)
Robo Pit 2 European and US - Awesome game, better than the 1st you create the robots and fights it!! 5.00
Tenshon (Awesome dungeon crawler with cool monster, like Torneko/Taloon's Quest, RPG stylin!)
Idol Promotion (Like American Idol? Control the idol, succeed and go on tour!)
Ridge Racer Type 4 J (2 disks complete)
Magical Girl: Maho Soujo Fancy Coco (Remainse girl simulation raise her) -Disk only 4.00
NCAA Football 2001 USA 2.50
NCAA Madness 2000 USA (Basketball) 2.50
NCAA Final Four 2000 USA (Basketball) 2.50
A.IV. Evolution Global (the 2nd AIV game.... simulation sorta like simcity focusing on trains) europe english (Unable to locate atm)
Walt Disney: Magic Racer USA Just opened complete with Top slit
Walt Disney: Tarzan USA Just opened complete with Top slit (check)
Alien Trilogy (Famous shooting) Europe english
Lifeforce Tenka (like Doom blast away the enemies and take on 28 different missions!!) PAL Europe english
Tunnel B-1 Great action shooting taking place in tunnels! Europe english
Soviet Strike: SOLD
Star Wars: Dark Forces (Famous 1st person shooting, action) Europe english
Disrupter (protect from enemies of the United Earth) 1st person shooting Europe english 5.00
Urban Chaos (here you can command vehicles, control cars, vans and use your martial arts skill so stop evil doers) Action Europe english
World Never Island - The Best (an action rpg taking place on an island)
The Shooting simple 1500 vol 35 (thats right its a classic side scrolling shmup!)
Toukon Retsuden 2 (Great addicting wrestling from Japan)
V Tennis (virtua tennis)
White Diamond (The Best) Fantasy RPG by Escot 13
Zero Divide US BIG BOX (Awesome Mech Robot fighting Game!)


Dokidoki potachyo Promo disk SOLD?
Bastard Promo disk (may include additional bonus features such as interviews etc for collectors)
Rarara Playstation: Summer 1998 (somewhere.. another one from the 98 Tokyo TGS show (Inside demos incude Echo Night,Dragon Seeds,ALIVE, Bomberman Fantasyrace,Kawa no Nushi Tsuri: The River of fish and SD Gundam G-Generation!) FREE SHIP this title
Gamewave DVD vol 5 (For PS2, haven't tried it yet, looks like it may have some FFantasy stuff)
Gamewave DVD vol 12 (Tidus on the cover)
Squaresoft Preview 3 (Random Japan SQUARE demos in 1 disk!)
Hyper Remix 1999 #11: Tomba, Wizardry: New Age of Lygyam, SD Gundam, Ultraman, Pop n music
Hyper Remix 1999 #12: Lord of monsters, Tomarunner, Remote control dandy, Minano Golf 2, A6 train and Zeus 2: Carnage Heart
Play Play Vol 4 - 20+ 6.00 Each (Rare Collectors only disks)
Play Play Vol 10,16: Feb 98,99 (Bunch of samples with exclusive CM Collection disk (previously Not for Sale) and I think Tokyo Game show movie great for collectors) 2 disks 6.00
Famiwave promo disks and demos 10/99,11/99,12/99,3/00,
*Game books: Dragon Quest 7, Noel La Neige, Favorite Dear and Angelique Special 1 & 2
US Playstation vol 18: Syphon filter, bust a grove, shadow madness, Mr Domino and Akuji
US Playstation vol 22: The Next Tetris, Cros 2, Bloody roar 2, MLB 2k, Ape escape, Soul of samurai. Movies: Xena, Macross VFX 2, SF Alpha 3 and Jet moto 3
US Playstation vol 30: Syphon Filter 2, Final four 2k, CT Racing, Ave combat 3, Silent
Playstation 59 UK: - Tony Hawk 2, Muppet Racemania, Star Ixiom, Euro 2000, Europe english
Playstation 61 UK: Vib Ribbon, Star Trek: Invasion, Destruction Derby Raw, Moho, Silent Bomber. Prevs: Tenchu 2, Vanishing point, Galerians and Grind Session
Movies: In cold blood, hogs of war, silent bomber and Star Ocean

Playstation 2 Games :

J-Phoenix (Excluded from special buy 2)
G-Breaker (Excluded from special buy 2)
Usagi: Awesome Anime game!
The Seed: Strategy game where you control ships and conquer.
Virtua Fighter 4
WDL Thunder Tanks USA (Excluded from special buy 2)


Zelda (Nes cart)
Tengai Makyo Zero: Far East of Eden (Snes cart in box with booklet complete)
Atlantis II (4 disks) 12.00 (Remember half off so thats $6) English
Dungeons & Dragons: Fantasy Empires $9 English
Hugo: Water Rapids (Although in a foreign language, great fun puzzlic, side scrolling and action)
T-Bytes 5 Classic games - Dominus RPG, Jungle Strike, Retribution, World Cup and Desert Strike English
Megaman X4 PC (disk only) English
Shipwreckers (disk only) English
Eidos Interactive Demos - Revenant, Braveheart, Tombraider 2,3,gold,gold 2, Omikron, Formula 1 racing and more for Collectors!
Computiq (various Japanese game demos 3/00,4/00,5/00,
Pimsleur Learn Japanese (recommend big tim)
Learn Japanase Now volume 7 (Yes yes , LEARN JAPANESE with this) $7
Easy Language 1998: 25 World languages (Learn japanese as well as other languages Including Korean, Chinese and German etc) $7
Languages & Translators 2000: (Similar to above one Japanese and Foreign language tutorials and translator, this one includes Norwegian and Vietnamese as well) $7
(More here later)
*Xenoage & Corum 3 (2 rare RPGs in Korean for PC)
Etc: Nintendo Gamecube preview DVD


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