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Posted 11/22/2009 1:35:41 PM , Fallen Ep-1 is ready. Due on iTunes in December.
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7th Sense will release on Apple Store a 2.5D title for survival horror and adventure games addicted. The ill-famed main character affirms: “I look forward to being released” Palermo - Italy, 20th November 2009 Waiting for Apple approval, Fallen ’s main character issues some burning official statements. Roman Mendez, hot-headed jailbird, makes his allegations from the isolation cell where he has been shut. 7th Sense, game development company and character’s main interlocutor, makes his thoughts public to press and gamers.   “This is a public charge. 7th Sense exploit the characters of its games with no mercy. Since the day the development started, I had to work hours and hours, into this shitty location. Look at the screenshots, if you don’t trust me!” 7th Sense spokesperson answers: “Fallen EP-1, our new iPhone game, includes more than 40 dark, gloomy locations, with a touch of mystery mood and action. Well, it’s a survival horror game, not a pinky game for baby girls… have you ever seen a hero moaning so much?” Actually, the game frightening ambience is made worse thanks to the original soundtrack and sound effects and many minigames to win. It won’t make main character life easy, while trying to escape from a strangely desert prison.. all but empty. Roman, already warned not to disclose other details about the game, looks forward to the players willing to offer their help in this 2.5D adventure: “I need allies. Pull your fingers out and help me leaving this place. They think I have nothing better to do than going through their dirty  scenarios. Do you think they ever asked me if I feel like facing all those monsters? Hey, I’m a criminal, but I don’t think I deserved all this shit.” Angry words, full of rage. The main character of the first survival horror game for iPhone presses: “Since these bloody developers ran away with producing “Fallen”, I have been in a living hell. They told me I would have won fame and made money, but it’s just plain hard work: take this item, bring it there, use it with this one, move that object, turn that other, kill this, cut that.. it’s a nightmare! I want to be discharged. The game has to be released!” “Gameplay dynamics”, 7th Sense states, “are a tribute to great classic of survival horror game genre, midway between graphic adventures and action games.  It includes explorations, fighting, object picking, new minigames to win and many scenarios to unlock while slowly unravelling the story.” It would be useless, in fact, complaining about the interaction surplus. “It’s a plus, if anything.” “Fallen EP-1”, meanwhile, is awaiting for Apple thumb up, and gamers can warm up their fingers. In fact, in order to reassure people who fear a characters strike, 7th Sense declares: “The first two episodes of the game have been developed at the same time, and publishing on App Store won’t be stopped by any characters strike.”  Roman Mendez is warned.   “Fallen EP-1”, is expected to be released on App Store on December.          The game official website is: Fallen Key Features & Unique Selling Points: ·        First Survival Horror on iPhone/ iPod Touch ·        Virtual Pad for Navigation ·        10+ Special Interactions based on platform features ·        3D Full Motion Videos ·        Environmental Lighting ·        Original Soundtrack and Sound Effects ·        Proprietary Engine and Middleware LAIN®


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Posted: 11/23/2009 9:43:17 AM ,
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This could have easily been submitted as a press release / news story.  You'll get no exposure here (because we disable HTML posting until you've been in the forum for a bit).


If you resubmit to the news system, we'll consider running a better story for you.


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