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Darryl B.
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Posted 9/21/2009 10:42:16 PM , Good anti-theft info
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I'm on an e-mail list in regards to a local gaming expo, and one of our own got robbed over the weekend. Aside from not mentioning you should get an alarm, he passed along some good info, so I'm just copying and pasting it here verbatim.

I'm sure larson could also add a few tips as well.

Hey Gang,

My house was burglarized Friday evening, September 4, 2009, sometime between 7 PM and midnight. I came home at 12:15 to find the deadbolt busted off my backdoor.

They got my expensive Canon DSLR camera and lenses and my entire collection of PS2 games, over 150 of them, including hard-to-find titles like Ico and Fatal Frame, among others, and a little cash. They must have gotten spooked because they started out with my laptop, but left it at the staircase. I believe they went straight for the front door to open it, then went to the bedroom, taking the bedsheets to use as a bag. Unfortunately, my dog was caged at the time.

Saturday, 9/19, I visited the GameStop just 1 mile away from my house. I found many of my games. (Note from me: wow, are these guys idiots!) How did I know they were mine? I had tiny price stickers on about 8 of the games because I had been selling stuff at conventions, including some games. Those stickers were still on the cases. I told the clerk what was going on, and he showed me how to tell when the games were sold to the store: about 40 of the games I had stolen just happened to be sold to that store the day following the burglary. (And I was able to provide the police with the serial number of my camera, but that has yet to turn up.)  

GameStop writes down the ID information of anyone who sells items to the store. I visited today and the clerk who actually bought the games remembered that transaction and the guys who brought them in. I said he checked their ID and wrote down names and addresses. Our neighborhood HPD is going to the store to gather that information this week.

I am not concerned about the stuff because I am insured for replacement value.

I am sending this email out to the group because I am pretty sure many of you have some sort of PS2 and PS3 collection. Those of you who do, take a moment to make some sort of identifying mark inside your cases or on your games in case this happens to you, and keep track of your serial numbers on your systems.  

I believe these burglars REALLY knew the GameStop system, though. I have been told GameStop will not purchase game lots of there are multiple of the same titles or games still shrinkwrapped (my collection contained both doubles and new-in-shrinkwrap titles). I found my new games on the shelves, but the thieves must have opened them before going to the store. The crooks did NOT steal my PS2 or Wii, which were both readily available right by the front door, where they made their escape. If these had been stolen, the crooks could have been caught by the serial numbers.

If they were foolish enough to use a real ID, then we'll probably get 'em.

These crooks now know that I have pins and vids at my house. Have any of you ever been concerned about your pin and vid collection in a situation like this?

"He spends five hours a day playing violent video games; what's the point if they don't have any affect on him?" - Hank, King of the Hill

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