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Posted 9/5/2008 11:25:36 PM , Jeff Green Leaves 1Up for The Sims
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Wow this kinda bites.  Jeff was a fantastic member of the GFW Radio podcast (the Brodeo).  It was / is easily the best podcast in gaming...  Perhaps because of how much it WASN'T about gaming...  



1UP News

1UP's Jeff Green Joining the Sims Team
PC editor-in-chief ready to tackle new challenges with Electronic Arts.
By Garnett Lee, 09/04/2008
It's with great sadness but also much joy that we can announce that our very own Jeff Green is making the move to game development. After 17 (!) years with Ziff Davis Media, Jeff's finally jumping to the dark side to work on the Sims brand at EA. It's never fun to announce these sorts of things, but we're thrilled that one of ours has such an incredible opportunity to work on such an amazing franchise (The Sims makes up more than half of EA's revenue -- what the hell are they thinking hiring Jeff?!).

I sat down with Jeff this afternoon to get a little more info on his upcoming plans. The decision to leave the editorial side of gaming definitely didn't come easy; Jeff told me that working at Ziff Davis was "the best job I ever had." In moving Games for Windows: The Official Magazine from print to online earlier this year, he brought PC content on 1UP to an all-time high point. Add to that the strong fan support of GFW Radio -- the "Brodeo," and he helped set the course for a bright future here at 1UP. But that gave him the freedom to take a step back, knowing that if he decided to make a change, he'd be leaving things on a high note.

Many of you know that Jeff cowrote a play last year, Mankind's Last Hope. Doing that tapped a whole other creative vein for him, and it stood out as something that felt uniquely fresh. The connection to the Sims came quickly from there. It's a series Jeff always synced with, whether it was the virtual lives of his Sims or the social engineering of SimCity.

That's how we wind up here, saying goodbye to a best friend. Jeff told me that he loves everyone here and will miss us -- but it's leaving the Brodeo that, more than anything, is tearing him up. The good news is that he'll still be able to listen to it each week, as producer Andrew Pfister's already confirmed that the show will continue -- with Jeff now heckling with the rest of the regular listeners on the forum. And he's got one more show in him; next week's GFW Radio will be his going-away edition. While it's hard not to be saddened by Jeff's departure, we're pretty damn excited for him. Getting to work on arguably the most prominent name in PC gaming, if not gaming in general, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Plus, at least he's leaving on a total high note.

Anyway, huge congrats, Jeff! We'll miss you, man.


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