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Posted 6/24/2007 2:06:46 AM , Xbox 360 Games
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So I see some of you off and on the 360. I myself can't get enough of it. How do you guys feel so far about the games? I was kinda meh on Crackdown, it was soso I thought. I still have quite a bit to unlock on it.

Right now I'm really diggin' on Saint's Row. Still have a lot to do on that one as well, even though I have wiped out the 3 gangs, doing all the extra side activities.

 I hate to say it (gasp) but I think I like it better than the GTA games, better customization, better mapping (setting waypoints etc), and the aiming is much better. Still have some frustrating things though, like policemen insta-smoking/busting you at times etc.

So what's the overall so far? I've played through some good games and some krap games. Haven't found any yet that I've super hated.

I really enjoy Gears of War, Farcry, Saint's Row, Condemned, Oblivion, Dead Rising.

Even Prey, Gun and the Outfit were enjoyable.


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