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Joined: 5/21/2003
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Posted 2/26/2007 10:02:26 AM , WANTED: 3dO Killing Time
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One of my all time favorite PC games... finally picked up a 3dO after all these years.  Must check the game out to see how it compares.


Joined: 8/15/2006
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Posted: 10/5/2013 1:23:01 AM , Heres a few ideas fo
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Heres a few ideas for a combination of stage teemhs/element Hybrid concept where the all act 1 s are based on the 2d games and the act 2 s are based on the 3d games.1st stage Act 1 = Green Hill Zone with a couple of elements from emerald hill here and there. The music is either a remixed version GHZ, Emerald Hill, Angel Island or Emerald Coast. Which song plays is completely random kinda like smash bros brawl. Act 1 is mostly 2.5D with a couple 3d sections via the trailer and sA2. Act 1 ends in 2.5D with Sign Post.Act 2 = Emerald Coast from SA1 Mostly follows the layout of Emeral Coast In 3d and a couple of 2.5d sections with teemhs and gimmicks from the orginal GHZ act 2 and act 3. Act 2 ends in 3D With either Goal ring or capsule Developers choice. Here is another example:stage 2 Act 1 = Marble Zone mixed with Hill Top Zone and a little bit of Marble Garden. Music randomly chooses to play a remix of Marble hill, Hilltop, Marble Garden. Mostly 2.5d with a Couple 3d sections. Act 1 ends in 2.5D With Sign post.Act 2 = Red Mountain Mixed with Lava reef and HillTop Zone act 2. Mostly follows the layout of Red mountain in 3d with a few 2.5D Sections that takes layout and gimmicks from both the original HillTop Zone act 2 and Lava reef zone act one.. When down in the below section on red mountain. Music is either original Red mountain act 1 and 2 or remixes of lava reef act 1 or hilltop act2. Act 2 ends in 3D with Goal ring or capsule. Here is one more example just for fun:stage 3 Act 1 = labyrinth Zone mixed with Aquatic Ruins and Hydro City Zone. Music is remixes of either of those stages. Mostly 2.5D with a couple 3d sections. Follows the layout of aquatic ruins act 1 and hydro city act 1. Act 1 ends in 2.5D with sign post.Act 2 = Lost world mixed with Green forrest, White Jungle and aquatic ruins act 2 and hydro city act 2. Mostly Follows the layout of green forrest and white jungle with a few dashes of Lost world's puzzles and tunnels. A bit more water added to the Green forrest and White jungle parts. Mostly 3D with 2.5D sections taking layout and gimmicks from aquatic ruins act 2 and hydro city act 2. Act 2 ends in 3d with goal post or capsule. . Can someone do me a favor and post this in the forums for me? Im too lazy to sign up and copy and paste this myself right now. I have a lot more recipes for mash ups of zones likes this. Obviously there are so many zone in the sonic universe that its just fun to think of. Maybe someone could even make a topic about recipes that people can come up with themselves for mash ups of zones that go together that the developers might actually do. I have a feeling Generations will be similar to this with the option of choosing your skin.
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