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Hi!  I'm Chris Larson, owner of  I've produced over 2,100 articles for the site, and I've contributed game information for tens of thousands of games.  If you have a question about the site, I'm your man. 

About Stage Select -

Stage Select has been in operation since November of 2002.  The site started operation as Fatman Games, but had a name change to Stage Select in 2003.  We've been featured on the main page of Fark, Slashdot, Digg Games, and many more, and routinely recieve between 50-80,000 visits per month (and about 120,000 page views).  We have had several redesigns - the latest occured in August of 2010.

Stage Select offers several functions to its readers:  We feature weekly podcasts, daily industry news (averaging between 1-10 articles per day), a Collections feature, a comprehensive games database featuring over 40,000 games, forums, a "leveling" system for our users, and an Ask the Community feature that was a true innovation at its release, and continues to drive traffic today.  Ask the Community is like a user-driven FAQ system.

About Me:

I used to be a fanzine editor in the early 90s. Arnie Katz once said that I "look at gaming's sacred cows with commendable irreverance".

I have been writing about games regularly since 1992.  I have been a fixture at game events since Summer CES in Chicago in 1992, and have been fortunate enough to attend E3 since 2004.  Join the thousands reading my updates at My Twitter Page.

I'm also a programmer - Stage Select was coded years ago in my spare time, and has been reprogrammed, tweaked, and fiddled with for years. 

I have a very unhealthy obsession with video games. You should probably be wary when attempting "normal" conversation with me.  Discussion of the weather could lead to me talking about whether or not procedurally generated clouds in Crysis are worth the processing power!