Nintendo NES Games

  Title Codes Review Images Answers Publisher
Happy Pairs Happy Pairs         Sachen
Harlem Globetrotters Harlem Globetrotters         GameTek
Hatris Hatris     Images   BulletProof Software
Heavy Barrel Heavy Barrel     Images   Data East
Heavy Shreddin Heavy Shreddin'         Parker Brothers
Hellraiser Hellraiser         Color Dreams
High Speed High Speed     Images   Tradewest
HK 1501 HK 1501     Images   Pirate/Bootleg
Hogan Hogan's Alley     Images   Nintendo
Hollywood Squares Hollywood Squares         GameTek
Home Alone Home Alone         THQ
Home Alone 2 Home Alone 2     Images   THQ
Honey Peach Honey Peach Codes Review Images Answers Sachen
Hook Hook     Images   Sony Imagesoft
Hoops Hoops         Jaleco
Hot Slots Hot Slots         Panesian
Hudson Hawk Hudson Hawk     Images   Sony Imagesoft
Huge Insect Huge Insect     Images   Sachen
Hunt for Red October, The Hunt for Red October, The     Images   Hi Tech Expressions
Hydlide Hydlide     Images   FCI