The Nintendo Entertainment System Found its way into over 30 million homes. The NES is pictured here with a NES Max, A standard controller, and the light gun (new style).
The top-loading NES came out late in the life of the 8-bit era. It is prized among collectors for its rarity, high reliability, and "dog bone" style of controllers. A top-load NES will usually fetch over $100 at auction.
SVI Quickshot accessory joystick
Zapper light gun (original style)
Advantage Joystick
60 to 72 pin adapter. Allows Famicom games to be played on an American NES.
Nintendo-brand cart Preservers
The wireless 4-player adapter, the NES Satellite.
Compute's Guide to Nintendo Games
How to Win at Nintendo Games
NES Action Set box
Sansui Joycard controller by Hudson; built-in turbo and headphone jack!
The NES Four Score multitap
Boxed Control Deck
Boxed Top Loader
Beeshu Zipper controller
Press picture of the top loading NES. Note that the controllers are different than in production.