Arcade Games

  Title Codes Review Images Answers Publisher
Cabal Cabal     Images  
Cachat Cachat         Taito
Cadash Cadash         Taito
Cadillacs And Dinosaurs Cadillacs And Dinosaurs         Capcom
Cadillacs Kyouryuu-Shinseiki Cadillacs Kyouryuu-Shinseiki         Capcom
Cafe Break Cafe Break        
Cal .50 - Caliber Fifty Cal .50 - Caliber Fifty         Romstar
California Chase California Chase        
California Speed California Speed         Atari
Calipso Calipso        
Calorie Vs. Moguranian Calorie Vs. Moguranian        
Cameltry Cameltry     Images   Taito
Cannon Ball Cannon Ball     Images  
Canyon Bomber Canyon Bomber     Images   Atari
Capcom Baseball Capcom Baseball         Capcom
Capcom Bowling Capcom Bowling     Images   Capcom
Capcom Golf Capcom Golf         Capcom
Capcom Vs. SNK 2: Mark Of The Millennium 2001 Capcom Vs. SNK 2: Mark Of The Millennium 2001         Capcom
Capcom Vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 Capcom Vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000         Capcom
Capsule Invader Capsule Invader         Irem
Captain America And The Avengers Captain America And The Avengers     Images   Data East
Captain Commando Captain Commando     Images   Capcom
Captain Flag Captain Flag         Jaleco
Captain Silver Captain Silver         Data East
Captain Skyhawk Captain Skyhawk         Milton Bradley
Captain Tomaday Captain Tomaday        
Captain Zapp Captain Zapp        
Car Action Car Action        
Car Polo Car Polo     Images  
Car Race Car Race        
Carnevil Carnevil         Midway
Carnival Carnival     Images   Gremlin
Carrier Air Wing Carrier Air Wing     Images   Capcom
Cart Fury Cart Fury         Midway
Casino 5 Casino 5        
Casino Classic Casino Classic        
Casino Strip Casino Strip        
Castle Of Dragon Castle Of Dragon         Seta
Castlevania Castlevania         Konami
Cavelon Cavelon   Review Images   Jetsoft
Caveman Caveman        
Caveman Ninja Caveman Ninja         Data East
Cemescary Cemescary        
Center Court Center Court         Sega
Centipede Centipede     Images   Atari
Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command        
Cerberus Cerberus     Images  
Chack Chack'n Pop     Images   Taito
Chain Reaction Chain Reaction         Data East
Challenge Challenge     Images  
Challenger Challenger   Review Images   Centuri
Champion Baseball Champion Baseball     Images   Sega
Champion Baseball Part-2 Champion Baseball Part-2         Sega
Champion Boxing Champion Boxing     Images   Sega
Champion Wrestler Champion Wrestler     Images   Taito
Championship Bowling Championship Bowling         Romstar
Championship Shootout Championship Shootout        
Championship Sprint Championship Sprint        
Championship V Championship V'Ball        
Change Lanes Change Lanes         Taito
Changes Changes     Images  
Charlie Ninja Charlie Ninja        
Chase Bombers Chase Bombers         Taito
Chase H.Q. Chase H.Q.         Taito
Check Man Check Man        
Checkmate Checkmate         Midway
Cheeky Mouse Cheeky Mouse        
Cheese Chase Cheese Chase        
Chelnov: Atomic Runner Chelnov: Atomic Runner     Images   Data East
Chequered Flag Chequered Flag     Images   Konami
Cheyenne Cheyenne        
Chicken Shift Chicken Shift        
Chiki Chiki Boys Chiki Chiki Boys         Capcom
Chiller Chiller     Images  
Chimera Beast Chimera Beast         Jaleco
China Gate China Gate     Images  
China Town China Town         Data East
Chinese Hero Chinese Hero        
Choplifter Choplifter     Images   Sega
Chopper I Chopper I     Images   SNK
Chouzikuu Yousai Macross - Macross II Chouzikuu Yousai Macross - Macross II        
Chrono Soldier Chrono Soldier         Sega
Chuck E. Cheese Chuck E. Cheese's Coloring Book        
Chuck E. Cheese Chuck E. Cheese's Memory Match        
Chuka Taisen Chuka Taisen         Taito
Circus Circus     Images  
Circus Charlie Circus Charlie     Images   Konami
Cisco 400 Cisco 400         Taito
Cisco Heat Cisco Heat     Images   Jaleco
City Bomber City Bomber     Images   Konami
City Connection City Connection     Images   Jaleco
City Love City Love     Images  
Ckidzo Ckidzo        
Clash Road Clash Road        
Clay Pigeon Clay Pigeon     Images  
Clean Sweep Clean Sweep        
Cleopatra Fortune Cleopatra Fortune     Images   Taito
Cliff Hanger Cliff Hanger        
Cloak and Dagger Cloak and Dagger     Images   Atari
Cloud 9 Cloud 9     Images   Atari
Cloud Master Cloud Master         Taito
Clowns Clowns     Images  
Club Kart Club Kart         Sega
Club Lambada Club Lambada        
Clue Clue        
Cluster Buster Cluster Buster         Data East
Clutch Hitter Clutch Hitter         Sega
Cobra Command Cobra Command         Data East
Cobra Command (1988) Cobra Command (1988)     Images   Data East
Cobra Gunship Cobra Gunship        
Code Name: Viper Code Name: Viper         Capcom
Code One Dispatch Code One Dispatch         Konami
Colony 7 Colony 7     Images   Taito
Colt 1986 Colt 1986        
Columns Columns     Images   Sega
Columns 97 Columns 97         Sega
Columns II: The Voyage Through Time Columns II: The Voyage Through Time         Sega
Combat Combat     Images  
Combat School Combat School     Images   Konami
Combatribes, The Combatribes, The        
Comic Bakery Comic Bakery         Konami
Commando Commando     Images   Data East
Commando (Sega) Commando (Sega)     Images   Sega
Comotion Comotion     Images   Gremlin
Competition Golf Competition Golf         Data East
Computer Othello Computer Othello         Nintendo
Computer Space Computer Space        
Computer Space Ball Computer Space Ball        
Confidential Mission Confidential Mission         Sega
Congo Bongo Congo Bongo     Images   Sega
Congorilla Congorilla        
Constella Constella        
Continental Circuit Continental Circuit     Images   Taito
Contra Contra     Images Answers Konami
Contra (PlayChoice) Contra (PlayChoice)         Konami
Cook Race Cook Race        
Cool Pool Cool Pool        
Cool Riders Cool Riders         Sega
Coors Light Bowling Coors Light Bowling         Capcom
Cop 01 Cop 01     Images  
Cops Cops        
Cops Cops 'N Robbers     Images   Atari
Cosmic Alien Cosmic Alien   Review Images   Universal
Cosmic Avenger Cosmic Avenger     Images   Universal
Cosmic Chasm Cosmic Chasm        
Cosmic Cop Cosmic Cop         Irem
Cosmic Guerilla Cosmic Guerilla     Images   Universal
Cosmic Monsters Cosmic Monsters     Images  
Cosmic Smash Cosmic Smash     Images   Sega
Cosmikaze Cosmikaze        
Cosmo Gang Cosmo Gang     Images   Namco
Cosmo Gang The Puzzle Cosmo Gang The Puzzle     Images   Namco
Cosmo Gang The Video Cosmo Gang The Video         Namco
Cosmos Cosmos        
Cosmos Circuit Cosmos Circuit         Taito
Cotocoto Cottong Cotocoto Cottong        
Cotton Cotton        
Cotton 2 Cotton 2        
Countdown Countdown        
Counter Force Counter Force         Jaleco
Counter Run Counter Run        
CP System I CP System I         Capcom
CP System II CP System II         Capcom
CP System III CP System III         Capcom
Crack Down Crack Down         Sega
Crackshot Crackshot     Images  
Crash Crash 'N Score         Atari
Crash Race Crash Race        
Crash! Crash!     Images  
Crashing Race Crashing Race         Taito
Crater Raider Crater Raider     Images  
Crazy Balloon Crazy Balloon         Taito
Crazy Chewy Crazy Chewy        
Crazy Climber Crazy Climber     Images   Taito
Crazy Climber 2 Crazy Climber 2        
Crazy Cop Crazy Cop         Konami
Crazy Fight Crazy Fight        
Crazy Kong Crazy Kong        
Crazy Kong Jr. Crazy Kong Jr.        
Crazy Rally Crazy Rally        
Crazy Taxi Crazy Taxi         Sega
Crazyfoot Crazyfoot        
Crazzy Clownz Crazzy Clownz        
Crime City Crime City         Taito
Crime Fighters Crime Fighters     Images Answers Konami
Crime Fighters 2 Crime Fighters 2         Konami
Crime Patrol Crime Patrol         American Laser Games
Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars         American Laser Games
Crisis Zone Crisis Zone         Namco
Croquis Croquis        
Cross Fire Cross Fire         Taito
Crossbow Crossbow     Images  
Crossed Swords Crossed Swords         SNK
Crowns Golf Crowns Golf         Sega
Crowns Golf In Hawaii Crowns Golf In Hawaii         Sega
Crude Buster Crude Buster         Data East
Cruis Cruis'n Exotica         Midway
Cruis Cruis'n USA       Answers Midway
Cruis Cruis'n World     Images   Midway
Cruisin Cruisin'        
Cruncher Cruncher        
Crush Roller Crush Roller     Images  
Crypt Killer Crypt Killer         Konami
Crystal Castles Crystal Castles     Images   Atari
Crystal Gal II Mahjong Crystal Gal II Mahjong     Images  
Cube Quest Cube Quest        
Cuby Bop Cuby Bop        
Cue Brick Cue Brick         Konami
Curve Ball Curve Ball        
Cutie Q Cutie Q         Namco
Cybattler Cybattler         Jaleco
Cyber Commando Cyber Commando         Namco
Cyber Cycles Cyber Cycles         Namco
Cyber Sled Cyber Sled         Namco
Cyber-Lip Cyber-Lip         SNK
Cyberball Cyberball        
Cyberball 2072 Cyberball 2072        
Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness         Capcom
Cyberstorm Cyberstorm        
CyberTank CyberTank        
Cycle Shooting Cycle Shooting         Taito
Cycle Warriors Cycle Warriors        
Cyvern: The Dragon Weapons Cyvern: The Dragon Weapons         Kaneko