Arcade Games

  Title Codes Review Images Answers Publisher
'88 Games     Images   Konami
'99 The Last War        
005 005         Sega
10 Pin Deluxe 10 Pin Deluxe        
10-Yard Fight 10-Yard Fight         Taito
18 Wheeler 18 Wheeler         Midway
18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker         Sega
1941: Counter Attack 1941: Counter Attack     Images   Capcom
1942 1942     Images   Capcom
1942 (PlayChoice) 1942 (PlayChoice)         Capcom
1943 Kai - Midway Kaisen 1943 Kai - Midway Kaisen     Images   Capcom
1943 The Battle Of Midway 1943 The Battle Of Midway     Images   Capcom
1944: The Loop Master 1944: The Loop Master     Images  
1945 1945         Capcom
19th Hole 19th Hole        
19XX: The War Against Destiny 19XX: The War Against Destiny     Images   Capcom
2020 Super Baseball 2020 Super Baseball     Images   SNK
3 On 3 Dunk Madness 3 On 3 Dunk Madness        
4 Fun In One System 4 Fun In One System     Images Answers
4-D Warriors 4-D Warriors     Images   Sega
4-Player Bowling Alley 4-Player Bowling Alley         Midway
40-0 40-0         Taito
500 GP 500 GP         Namco
600 600     Images   Konami
64th Street - A Detective Story 64th Street - A Detective Story     Images   Jaleco
720 Degrees 720 Degrees     Images  
8 Ball Action 8 Ball Action     Images   Nintendo
800 Fathoms 800 Fathoms     Images  
9 Ball Shootout! 9 Ball Shootout!        
A.P.B. A.P.B.     Images   Atari
Aa Eikou No Koushien Aa Eikou No Koushien         Taito
AAArgh! AAArgh!         Mastertronic
AB Cop AB Cop         Sega
Ab$cam Ab$cam        
Ace Ace        
Ace Driver Ace Driver         Namco
Ace Driver Victory Lap Ace Driver Victory Lap         Namco
Acrobat Acrobat         Taito
Acrobat Mission Acrobat Mission        
Act Raiser Act Raiser         Enix
Act-Fancer: Cybernetick Hyper Weapon Act-Fancer: Cybernetick Hyper Weapon     Images   Data East
Action Fighter Action Fighter         Sega
Action Pac Action Pac        
Addams Family, The Addams Family, The        
Adventure Mr. Do! Adventure Mr. Do!        
Adventure Quiz 2 - Hatena? No Dai-Bouken Adventure Quiz 2 - Hatena? No Dai-Bouken         Capcom
Adventure Quiz Capcom World Adventure Quiz Capcom World         Capcom
Adventure Quiz Capcom World 2 Adventure Quiz Capcom World 2         Capcom
Aero Fighters Aero Fighters     Images  
Aero Fighters 2 Aero Fighters 2        
Aero Fighters 3 Aero Fighters 3        
Aeroboto Aeroboto     Images   Williams
After Burner After Burner     Images   Sega
After Burner II After Burner II     Images   Sega
Aggressors Of Dark Kombat Aggressors Of Dark Kombat     Images  
Air Assault Air Assault         Irem
Air Buster Air Buster     Images   Kaneko
Air Combat Air Combat         Namco
Air Combat (1976) Air Combat (1976)        
Air Combat 22 Air Combat 22         Namco
Air Duel Air Duel     Images   Irem
Air Gallet Air Gallet        
Air Inferno Air Inferno         Taito
Air Raid Air Raid        
Air Rescue Air Rescue         Sega
Air Trix Air Trix         Sega
Airline Pilots Airline Pilots       Answers Sega
Airwolf Airwolf     Images   Kyugo
Ajax Ajax     Images   Konami
Akka Arrh Akka Arrh         Atari
Akkanvader Akkanvader     Images   Taito
Akumajou Dracula Akumajou Dracula         Konami
Akuu Gallet Akuu Gallet        
Albegas Albegas         Sega
Alcon Alcon     Images   Taito
Aleste 2 Aleste 2         Compile
Alex Kidd Alex Kidd         Sega
Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle         Sega
Ali Baba And 40 Thieves Ali Baba And 40 Thieves     Images   Sega
Alice In Wonderland Alice In Wonderland         Namco
Alien 3: The Gun Alien 3: The Gun         Sega
Alien Arena Alien Arena        
Alien Command Alien Command         Jaleco
Alien Crush Alien Crush         NEC
Alien Invader Alien Invader        
Alien Invasion Part II Alien Invasion Part II        
Alien Sector Alien Sector   Review Images   Namco
Alien Storm Alien Storm     Images   Sega
Alien Syndrome Alien Syndrome     Images   Sega
Alien Vs. Predator Alien Vs. Predator     Images   Capcom
Aliens Aliens     Images   Konami
All American Football All American Football        
All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua         Sega
Alley Master Alley Master     Images  
Alley Rally Alley Rally        
Alligator Hunt Alligator Hunt        
Alpha 1 Alpha 1         Atari
Alpha Mission Alpha Mission         SNK
Alpha Mission II Alpha Mission II     Images   SNK
Alphax Z, The Alphax Z, The        
Alpine Racer Alpine Racer         Namco
Alpine Racer 2 Alpine Racer 2         Namco
Alpine Ski Alpine Ski     Images   Taito
Alpine Surfer Alpine Surfer         Namco
Altered Beast Altered Beast         Sega
Amatelass Amatelass        
Amazing Maze Game, The Amazing Maze Game, The     Images  
Amazing Tennis Amazing Tennis         Absolute Entertainment
Amazon Amazon        
Ambush Ambush        
Ameri Darts Ameri Darts        
American Football American Football     Images   Tecmo Inc.
American Horseshoes American Horseshoes         Taito
American Speedway American Speedway        
Amidar Amidar        
Amigo Amigo        
Amman De Pinky Amman De Pinky        
Andro Dunos Andro Dunos        
Angel Eyes Angel Eyes         Tecmo Inc.
Angel Kids Angel Kids         Sega
Angler Dangler Angler Dangler         Data East
Antarctic Adventure Antarctic Adventure         Konami
Anteater Anteater        
Anti-Aircraft II Anti-Aircraft II         Atari
Apache 3 Apache 3        
Apparel Night Apparel Night     Images  
Appoooh Appoooh     Images   Sega
Aqua Jack Aqua Jack         Taito
Aqua Jet Aqua Jet         Namco
Aquarium Aquarium        
Arabian Arabian     Images   Atari
Arabian Fight Arabian Fight         Sega
Arabian Magic Arabian Magic         Taito
Arbalester Arbalester         Seta
Arc Area Arc Area        
Arcade Classics Arcade Classics     Images  
Arch Rivals Arch Rivals     Images   Bally Midway
Arctic Thunder Arctic Thunder         Midway
Area 51 Area 51     Images  
Area 51/Maximum Force Duo Area 51/Maximum Force Duo     Images  
Area 51: Site 4 Area 51: Site 4        
Area 88 Area 88         Capcom
Ares No Tsubasa - The Legendary Soldiers Ares No Tsubasa - The Legendary Soldiers         Capcom
Argos No Senshi - Legendary Warrior Argos No Senshi - Legendary Warrior         Tecmo Inc.
Argus Argus         Jaleco
Arian Mission Arian Mission         SNK
Ark Area Ark Area        
Arkanoid Arkanoid     Images   Taito
Arkanoid - Revenge Of Doh Arkanoid - Revenge Of Doh         Taito
Arkanoid Returns Arkanoid Returns         Taito
Arlington Horse Racing Arlington Horse Racing     Images  
Arm Champs II Arm Champs II         Jaleco
Arm Wrestling Arm Wrestling         Nintendo
Armadillo Racing Armadillo Racing         Namco
Armed Formation F Armed Formation F        
Armed Police Batrider Armed Police Batrider        
Armor Attack Armor Attack     Images   Cinematronics
Armored Car Armored Car         Stern
Armored Warriors Armored Warriors         Capcom
Arrow Bingo Arrow Bingo        
Art Of Fighting Art Of Fighting         SNK
Art Of Fighting 2 Art Of Fighting 2         SNK
Art Of Fighting 3 - The Path Of The Warrior Art Of Fighting 3 - The Path Of The Warrior         SNK
Ashura Blaster Ashura Blaster        
ASO II: Last Guardian ASO II: Last Guardian         SNK
ASO: Armored Scrum Object ASO: Armored Scrum Object         SNK
Assassin Assassin         Namco
Assault Assault     Images   Atari
Assault Plus Assault Plus         Namco
Asterix Asterix         Konami
Asterock Asterock        
Asteroid Asteroid     Images  
Asteroids Asteroids     Images   Atari
Asteroids Deluxe Asteroids Deluxe     Images   Atari
Astra Super Stars Astra Super Stars         Sunsoft
Astro Battle Astro Battle        
Astro Blaster Astro Blaster Codes   Images   Sega
Astro Chase Astro Chase        
Astro Combat Astro Combat        
Astro Fantasia Astro Fantasia         Data East
Astro Fighter Astro Fighter   Review Images   Sega
Astro Invader Astro Invader     Images   Stern
Astro Race Astro Race         Taito
Astrohockey Astrohockey        
Astron Belt Astron Belt         Sega
Astyanax, The Astyanax, The     Images   Jaleco
Asuka And Asuka Asuka And Asuka         Taito
Asura Blade: Sword Of Dynasty Asura Blade: Sword Of Dynasty        
Atari Baseball Atari Baseball     Images   Atari
Atari Basketball Atari Basketball         Atari
Atari Football Atari Football     Images   Atari
Atari R.B.I. Baseball Atari R.B.I. Baseball         Atari
Atari Soccer Atari Soccer         Atari
Ataxx Ataxx        
Athena Athena     Images   SNK
Athena No Hatena? Athena No Hatena?         Athena
Athlete, The Athlete, The         Taito
Atlantic City Atlantic City        
Atomic Boy Atomic Boy         Irem
Atomic Castle Atomic Castle        
Atomic Point Atomic Point        
Atomic Punk Atomic Punk         Irem
Atomic Punk Global Quest Atomic Punk Global Quest         Irem
Atomic Robo-Kid Atomic Robo-Kid        
Attack Attack         Taito
Attack (Exidy) Attack (Exidy)        
Attack Of The Zolgear Attack Of The Zolgear         Namco
Aurail Aurail         Sega
Auto Test Auto Test        
AV2 Mahjong No1 Bay Bridge No Seijo AV2 Mahjong No1 Bay Bridge No Seijo        
Avalanche Avalanche     Images   Atari
Avenger Avenger        
Avengers Avengers         Capcom
Avengers In Galactic Storm Avengers In Galactic Storm         Data East
Avenging Spirit Avenging Spirit         Jaleco
Aztarac Aztarac     Images   Centuri
Azurian Attack Azurian Attack        
B-Wings B-Wings     Images   Data East
B. Rap Boys B. Rap Boys         Kaneko
B.O.T.S.S. B.O.T.S.S.         Jaleco
Baby Pac-Man Baby Pac-Man         Bally Midway
Back Fire Back Fire         Tecmo Inc.
Back Street Soccer Back Street Soccer        
Backfire! Backfire!         Data East
Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja     Images   Data East
Badlands Badlands     Images   Konami
Badlands (1989) Badlands (1989)         Atari
Bagman Bagman     Images  
Bakatonosama Mahjong Manyuuki Bakatonosama Mahjong Manyuuki        
Baku Baku Animal Baku Baku Animal         Sega
Bakuretsu Breaker Bakuretsu Breaker         Kaneko
Bakuretsu Crash Race Bakuretsu Crash Race        
Bakuretsu Quiz Ma-Q Dai Bouken Bakuretsu Quiz Ma-Q Dai Bouken         Namco
Bal Cube Bal Cube        
Ball Park Ball Park         Taito
Ball Park II Ball Park II         Taito
Balloon Bomber Balloon Bomber         Taito
Balloon Brothers Balloon Brothers        
Balloon Fight Balloon Fight         Nintendo
Baluba-Louk No Densetsu Baluba-Louk No Densetsu        
Bandido Bandido        
Bang Bang Ball Bang Bang Ball        
Bang Bead Bang Bead     Images  
Bang! Bang!        
Bank Panic Bank Panic     Images   Sega
Baraduke Baraduke     Images   Namco
Baraduke 2 Baraduke 2         Namco
Barracuda Barracuda        
Barricade Barricade     Images  
Barricade II Barricade II         Taito
Barrier Barrier   Review Images   Cinematronics
Baseball Baseball     Images   Nintendo
Baseball Stars Baseball Stars         Nintendo
Baseball Stars 2 Baseball Stars 2         SNK
Baseball Stars Professional Baseball Stars Professional         SNK
Baseball The Season II Baseball The Season II        
Bases Loaded Bases Loaded         Jaleco
Basketball (Taito) Basketball (Taito)     Images   Taito
Bass Angler Bass Angler         Konami
Batman Batman        
Batman Forever Batman Forever         Acclaim
Batrider Batrider        
Batsugun Batsugun         Toaplan
Battlantis Battlantis         Konami
Battle Arena Toshinden 2 Battle Arena Toshinden 2       Answers Capcom
Battle Bakraid Battle Bakraid        
Battle Balls Battle Balls        
Battle Bird Battle Bird         Irem
Battle Blaze Battle Blaze         American Sammy
Battle Chopper Battle Chopper         Irem
Battle Circuit Battle Circuit         Capcom
Battle Cross Battle Cross        
Battle Cruiser M-12 Battle Cruiser M-12        
Battle Field Battle Field         SNK
Battle Flip Shot Battle Flip Shot        
Battle Garegga Battle Garegga     Images  
Battle Gear Battle Gear         Taito
Battle Gear 2 Battle Gear 2         Taito
Battle K-Road Battle K-Road        
Battle Lane Vol. 5 Battle Lane Vol. 5     Images   Taito
Battle Of Atlantis Battle Of Atlantis        
Battle Rangers Battle Rangers         Data East
Battle Shark Battle Shark         Nintendo
Battle Shark (1989) Battle Shark (1989)         Taito
Battle Station Battle Station        
Battle Vision Battle Vision         Konami
Battle Wings Battle Wings         Data East
Battle-Road, The Battle-Road, The     Images   Irem
BattleCry BattleCry        
Battletech Battletech        
Battletoads Battletoads     Images  
Battlezone Battlezone     Images   Atari
Bay Route Bay Route         Sunsoft
Bazooka Bazooka        
Beach Head 2000 Beach Head 2000        
Beast Busters Beast Busters     Images   SNK
Beast Busters: Second Nightmare Beast Busters: Second Nightmare         SNK
Beastie Boys Beastie Boys         Kaneko
Beastie Feastie Beastie Feastie        
Beastorizer Beastorizer        
Beat Head Beat Head        
Beat Player 2000 Beat Player 2000        
Beat The Champ Beat The Champ         Konami
Beatmania Beatmania         Konami
Beatmania 2nd Mix Beatmania 2nd Mix         Konami
Beatmania 3rd Mix Beatmania 3rd Mix         Konami
Beatmania 4th Mix ~Time To Get Down~ Beatmania 4th Mix ~Time To Get Down~         Konami
Beatmania 5th Mix ~The Beat Goes On~ Beatmania 5th Mix ~The Beat Goes On~         Konami
Beatmania 6th Mix: The UK Underground Music Beatmania 6th Mix: The UK Underground Music         Konami
Beatmania IIDX Beatmania IIDX         Konami
Beatmania IIDX 2nd Style Beatmania IIDX 2nd Style         Konami
Beatmania IIDX 3rd Style Beatmania IIDX 3rd Style         Konami
Beatmania IIDX 4th Style Beatmania IIDX 4th Style         Konami
Beatmania IIDX 5th Style Beatmania IIDX 5th Style         Konami
Beatmania IIDX 6th Style Beatmania IIDX 6th Style         Konami
Beatmania IIDX Substream Beatmania IIDX Substream         Konami
Beatmania III Beatmania III         Konami
Beatmania III Append 6th Mix Beatmania III Append 6th Mix         Konami
Beatmania III Append Core Remix Beatmania III Append Core Remix         Konami
Beavis And Butt-Head Beavis And Butt-Head        
Beezer Beezer        
Bega Bega's Battle         Data East
Bells and Whistles Bells and Whistles         Konami
Ben Bero Bee Ben Bero Bee         Taito
Ben Hur Ben Hur        
Beraboh Man Beraboh Man         Namco
Berlin Wall, The Berlin Wall, The         Kaneko
Bermuda Triangle Bermuda Triangle     Images   SNK
Berzerk Berzerk Codes   Images   Stern
Best Bout Boxing Best Bout Boxing         Jaleco
Big Apple, The Big Apple, The        
Big Bang Big Bang        
Big Buck Hunter Big Buck Hunter         Incredible Technologies
Big Bucks Trivia Big Bucks Trivia        
Big Bucks Trivia Quest Big Bucks Trivia Quest        
Big Event Golf Big Event Golf         Taito
Big Karnak Big Karnak        
Big Kong Big Kong        
Big Pro Wrestling!, The Big Pro Wrestling!, The     Images  
Big Run Big Run         Jaleco
Big Striker Big Striker     Images   Jaleco
Big Twin Big Twin        
Bigfoot Bonkers Bigfoot Bonkers        
Bijokko Gakuen Bijokko Gakuen     Images  
Bijokko Yume Monogatari Bijokko Yume Monogatari     Images  
Billiard Academy Real Break Billiard Academy Real Break        
Billiards, The Billiards, The     Images  
Bio Attack Bio Attack         Taito
Bio Freaks Bio Freaks         Midway
Bio-Hazard Battle Bio-Hazard Battle         Sega
Bio-Ship Paladin Bio-Ship Paladin        
Biomechanical Toy Biomechanical Toy     Images  
Bionic Commando Bionic Commando     Images   Capcom
BiPlane BiPlane        
BiPlane 4 BiPlane 4        
Birdie King Birdie King     Images Answers Taito
Birdie King 2 Birdie King 2         Taito
Birdie King 3 Birdie King 3     Images   Taito
Birdie Try Birdie Try         Data East
Birdiy Birdiy        
Bishoujo Janshi Pretty Sailor 18-kin Bishoujo Janshi Pretty Sailor 18-kin        
Bishoujo Janshi Pretty Sailor 2 Bishoujo Janshi Pretty Sailor 2        
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon        
Black Dragon Black Dragon         Capcom
Black Heart Black Heart     Images  
Black Hole Black Hole        
Black Knight Black Knight         Williams
Black Knight 2000 Black Knight 2000         Williams
Black Panther Black Panther         Konami
Black Tiger Black Tiger         Capcom
Black Widow Black Widow         Atari
Blade Master Blade Master     Images   Irem
Blades Of Steel Blades Of Steel     Images   Konami
Blandia Blandia     Images  
Blast Off Blast Off         Namco
Blasted Blasted     Images   Midway
Blaster Blaster     Images   Williams
Blasteroids Blasteroids     Images   Atari
Blasto Blasto         Gremlin
Blazeon Blazeon         Atlus
Blazer Blazer     Images   Namco
Blazing Star Blazing Star        
Blazing Tornado Blazing Tornado        
Block Block     Images  
Block Block Block Block         Capcom
Block Carnival Block Carnival        
Block Fiber Block Fiber         Nintendo
Block Gal Block Gal     Images  
Block Game Block Game         Konami
Block Hole Block Hole         Konami
Block Out Block Out     Images  
Blockade Blockade         Gremlin
Blocken Blocken     Images  
Blomby Car Blomby Car        
Blood Bros. Blood Bros.        
Blood Warrior Blood Warrior         Kaneko
BloodStorm BloodStorm        
Bloody Roar Bloody Roar        
Bloody Roar 2 Bloody Roar 2        
Bloody Roar 3 Bloody Roar 3        
Bloody Wolf Bloody Wolf         Data East
Bloxeed Bloxeed         Sega
Blue Hawk Blue Hawk     Images  
Blue Print Blue Print     Images  
Blue Shark Blue Shark     Images  
Blue Blue's Journey        
BMX Heat BMX Heat        
Boardwalk Casino Boardwalk Casino        
Bobble Bobble Bobble Bobble        
Body Slam Body Slam     Images   Sega
Bogey Manor Bogey Manor        
Bomb Bee Bomb Bee   Review Images   Namco
Bomb Jack Bomb Jack     Images  
Bomb Jack Twin Bomb Jack Twin        
Bomber Man Bomber Man         Irem
Bomber Man World Bomber Man World         Irem
Bombs Away Bombs Away        
Bonanza Bros. Bonanza Bros.         Sega
Bone Crusher Bone Crusher        
Bonk Bonk's Adventure         Kaneko
Bonze Adventure Bonze Adventure     Images   Taito
Boogie Wings Boogie Wings         Data East
Boomer Rang Boomer Rang'r         Data East
Boomerang Boomerang         Sunsoft
Boot Camp Boot Camp     Images   Konami
Boot Hill Boot Hill     Images   Midway
Borderline Borderline         Sega
Borench Borench         Sega
Bosconian Bosconian     Images Answers Midway
Bottom Of The Ninth Bottom Of The Ninth     Images   Konami
Boulder Dash Boulder Dash        
Boulder Dash (1990) Boulder Dash (1990)         Data East
Boulder Dash (DECO) Boulder Dash (DECO)         Data East
Bouncer Bouncer        
Bouncing Balls Bouncing Balls        
Bounty, The Bounty, The        
Bowl-O-Rama Bowl-O-Rama     Images  
Bowling Alley Bowling Alley         Capcom
Boxing Boxing         Atari
Boxing Bugs Boxing Bugs     Images  
Boxingmania: Legend Of Success Joe Boxingmania: Legend Of Success Joe         Konami
Boxy Boy Boxy Boy         Namco
Brain Brain     Images  
Brave Blade Brave Blade        
Brave Firefighters Brave Firefighters         Sega
Break Thru Break Thru     Images   Data East
Breakers Breakers        
Breakers Revenge Breakers Revenge        
Breakout Breakout         Atari
Breywood Breywood         Data East
Bristles Bristles        
Brix Brix     Images  
Brute Force Brute Force        
Bubble 2000 Bubble 2000        
Bubble Bobble Bubble Bobble         Taito
Bubble Memories - The Story Of Bubble Bobble III Bubble Memories - The Story Of Bubble Bobble III         Taito
Bubble Symphony Bubble Symphony         Taito
Bubble Trouble: Golly! Ghost! 2 Bubble Trouble: Golly! Ghost! 2         Namco
Bubbles Bubbles     Images   Williams
Buck Rogers Planet Of Zoom Buck Rogers Planet Of Zoom         Sega
Bucky O Bucky O'Hare         Konami
Bug Busters Bug Busters        
Buggy Challenge Buggy Challenge         Taito
Bull Fight Bull Fight       Answers Sega
Bull Fighter Bull Fighter        
Bulls Eye Darts Bulls Eye Darts        
Bump Bump 'n' Jump     Images   Bally Midway
Bump Bump 'n' Jump (DECO)         Data East
Bump In The Night Bump In The Night         Capcom
BurgerTime BurgerTime     Images   Bally Midway
BurgerTime (DECO) BurgerTime (DECO)         Data East
Buriki One Buriki One         SNK
Burnin Burnin' Rubber     Images   Data East
Burning Fight Burning Fight         SNK
Burning Force Burning Force         Namco
Burning Rival Burning Rival         Sega
Burning Rush Burning Rush         Data East
Bust-A-Move Bust-A-Move         SNK
Bust-A-Move Again Bust-A-Move Again         Taito
Bust-A-Move Again: EX Edition Bust-A-Move Again: EX Edition         Taito
Buster Bros. Buster Bros.         Capcom
Buster Buddies Buster Buddies         Capcom
Butasan Butasan         Jaleco
Cabal Cabal     Images  
Cachat Cachat         Taito
Cadash Cadash         Taito
Cadillacs And Dinosaurs Cadillacs And Dinosaurs         Capcom
Cadillacs Kyouryuu-Shinseiki Cadillacs Kyouryuu-Shinseiki         Capcom
Cafe Break Cafe Break        
Cal .50 - Caliber Fifty Cal .50 - Caliber Fifty         Romstar
California Chase California Chase        
California Speed California Speed         Atari
Calipso Calipso        
Calorie Vs. Moguranian Calorie Vs. Moguranian        
Cameltry Cameltry     Images   Taito
Cannon Ball Cannon Ball     Images  
Canyon Bomber Canyon Bomber     Images   Atari
Capcom Baseball Capcom Baseball         Capcom
Capcom Bowling Capcom Bowling     Images   Capcom
Capcom Golf Capcom Golf         Capcom
Capcom Vs. SNK 2: Mark Of The Millennium 2001 Capcom Vs. SNK 2: Mark Of The Millennium 2001         Capcom
Capcom Vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 Capcom Vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000         Capcom
Capsule Invader Capsule Invader         Irem
Captain America And The Avengers Captain America And The Avengers     Images   Data East
Captain Commando Captain Commando     Images   Capcom
Captain Flag Captain Flag         Jaleco
Captain Silver Captain Silver         Data East
Captain Skyhawk Captain Skyhawk         Milton Bradley
Captain Tomaday Captain Tomaday        
Captain Zapp Captain Zapp        
Car Action Car Action        
Car Polo Car Polo     Images  
Car Race Car Race        
Carnevil Carnevil         Midway
Carnival Carnival     Images   Gremlin
Carrier Air Wing Carrier Air Wing     Images   Capcom
Cart Fury Cart Fury         Midway
Casino 5 Casino 5        
Casino Classic Casino Classic        
Casino Strip Casino Strip        
Castle Of Dragon Castle Of Dragon         Seta
Castlevania Castlevania         Konami
Cavelon Cavelon   Review Images   Jetsoft
Caveman Caveman        
Caveman Ninja Caveman Ninja         Data East
Cemescary Cemescary        
Center Court Center Court         Sega
Centipede Centipede     Images   Atari
Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command        
Cerberus Cerberus     Images  
Chack Chack'n Pop     Images   Taito
Chain Reaction Chain Reaction         Data East
Challenge Challenge     Images  
Challenger Challenger   Review Images   Centuri
Champion Baseball Champion Baseball     Images   Sega
Champion Baseball Part-2 Champion Baseball Part-2         Sega
Champion Boxing Champion Boxing     Images   Sega
Champion Wrestler Champion Wrestler     Images   Taito
Championship Bowling Championship Bowling         Romstar
Championship Shootout Championship Shootout        
Championship Sprint Championship Sprint        
Championship V Championship V'Ball        
Change Lanes Change Lanes         Taito
Changes Changes     Images  
Charlie Ninja Charlie Ninja        
Chase Bombers Chase Bombers         Taito
Chase H.Q. Chase H.Q.         Taito
Check Man Check Man        
Checkmate Checkmate         Midway
Cheeky Mouse Cheeky Mouse        
Cheese Chase Cheese Chase        
Chelnov: Atomic Runner Chelnov: Atomic Runner     Images   Data East
Chequered Flag Chequered Flag     Images   Konami
Cheyenne Cheyenne        
Chicken Shift Chicken Shift        
Chiki Chiki Boys Chiki Chiki Boys         Capcom
Chiller Chiller     Images  
Chimera Beast Chimera Beast         Jaleco
China Gate China Gate     Images  
China Town China Town         Data East
Chinese Hero Chinese Hero        
Choplifter Choplifter     Images   Sega
Chopper I Chopper I     Images   SNK
Chouzikuu Yousai Macross - Macross II Chouzikuu Yousai Macross - Macross II        
Chrono Soldier Chrono Soldier         Sega
Chuck E. Cheese Chuck E. Cheese's Coloring Book        
Chuck E. Cheese Chuck E. Cheese's Memory Match        
Chuka Taisen Chuka Taisen         Taito
Circus Circus     Images  
Circus Charlie Circus Charlie     Images   Konami
Cisco 400 Cisco 400         Taito
Cisco Heat Cisco Heat     Images   Jaleco
City Bomber City Bomber     Images   Konami
City Connection City Connection     Images   Jaleco
City Love City Love     Images  
Ckidzo Ckidzo        
Clash Road Clash Road        
Clay Pigeon Clay Pigeon     Images  
Clean Sweep Clean Sweep        
Cleopatra Fortune Cleopatra Fortune     Images   Taito
Cliff Hanger Cliff Hanger        
Cloak and Dagger Cloak and Dagger     Images   Atari
Cloud 9 Cloud 9     Images   Atari
Cloud Master Cloud Master         Taito
Clowns Clowns     Images  
Club Kart Club Kart         Sega
Club Lambada Club Lambada        
Clue Clue        
Cluster Buster Cluster Buster         Data East
Clutch Hitter Clutch Hitter         Sega
Cobra Command Cobra Command         Data East
Cobra Command (1988) Cobra Command (1988)     Images   Data East
Cobra Gunship Cobra Gunship        
Code Name: Viper Code Name: Viper         Capcom
Code One Dispatch Code One Dispatch         Konami
Colony 7 Colony 7     Images   Taito
Colt 1986 Colt 1986        
Columns Columns     Images   Sega
Columns 97 Columns 97         Sega
Columns II: The Voyage Through Time Columns II: The Voyage Through Time         Sega
Combat Combat     Images  
Combat School Combat School     Images   Konami
Combatribes, The Combatribes, The        
Comic Bakery Comic Bakery         Konami
Commando Commando     Images   Data East
Commando (Sega) Commando (Sega)     Images   Sega
Comotion Comotion     Images   Gremlin
Competition Golf Competition Golf         Data East
Computer Othello Computer Othello         Nintendo
Computer Space Computer Space        
Computer Space Ball Computer Space Ball        
Confidential Mission Confidential Mission         Sega
Congo Bongo Congo Bongo     Images   Sega
Congorilla Congorilla        
Constella Constella        
Continental Circuit Continental Circuit     Images   Taito
Contra Contra     Images Answers Konami
Contra (PlayChoice) Contra (PlayChoice)         Konami
Cook Race Cook Race        
Cool Pool Cool Pool        
Cool Riders Cool Riders         Sega
Coors Light Bowling Coors Light Bowling         Capcom
Cop 01 Cop 01     Images  
Cops Cops        
Cops Cops 'N Robbers     Images   Atari
Cosmic Alien Cosmic Alien   Review Images   Universal
Cosmic Avenger Cosmic Avenger     Images   Universal
Cosmic Chasm Cosmic Chasm        
Cosmic Cop Cosmic Cop         Irem
Cosmic Guerilla Cosmic Guerilla     Images   Universal
Cosmic Monsters Cosmic Monsters     Images  
Cosmic Smash Cosmic Smash     Images   Sega
Cosmikaze Cosmikaze        
Cosmo Gang Cosmo Gang     Images   Namco
Cosmo Gang The Puzzle Cosmo Gang The Puzzle     Images   Namco
Cosmo Gang The Video Cosmo Gang The Video         Namco
Cosmos Cosmos        
Cosmos Circuit Cosmos Circuit         Taito
Cotocoto Cottong Cotocoto Cottong        
Cotton Cotton        
Cotton 2 Cotton 2        
Countdown Countdown        
Counter Force Counter Force         Jaleco
Counter Run Counter Run        
CP System I CP System I         Capcom
CP System II CP System II         Capcom
CP System III CP System III         Capcom
Crack Down Crack Down         Sega
Crackshot Crackshot     Images  
Crash Crash 'N Score         Atari
Crash Race Crash Race        
Crash! Crash!     Images  
Crashing Race Crashing Race         Taito
Crater Raider Crater Raider     Images  
Crazy Balloon Crazy Balloon         Taito
Crazy Chewy Crazy Chewy        
Crazy Climber Crazy Climber     Images   Taito
Crazy Climber 2 Crazy Climber 2        
Crazy Cop Crazy Cop         Konami
Crazy Fight Crazy Fight        
Crazy Kong Crazy Kong        
Crazy Kong Jr. Crazy Kong Jr.        
Crazy Rally Crazy Rally        
Crazy Taxi Crazy Taxi         Sega
Crazyfoot Crazyfoot        
Crazzy Clownz Crazzy Clownz        
Crime City Crime City         Taito
Crime Fighters Crime Fighters     Images Answers Konami
Crime Fighters 2 Crime Fighters 2         Konami
Crime Patrol Crime Patrol         American Laser Games
Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars         American Laser Games
Crisis Zone Crisis Zone         Namco
Croquis Croquis        
Cross Fire Cross Fire         Taito
Crossbow Crossbow     Images  
Crossed Swords Crossed Swords         SNK
Crowns Golf Crowns Golf         Sega
Crowns Golf In Hawaii Crowns Golf In Hawaii         Sega
Crude Buster Crude Buster         Data East
Cruis Cruis'n Exotica         Midway
Cruis Cruis'n USA       Answers Midway
Cruis Cruis'n World     Images   Midway
Cruisin Cruisin'        
Cruncher Cruncher        
Crush Roller Crush Roller     Images  
Crypt Killer Crypt Killer         Konami
Crystal Castles Crystal Castles     Images   Atari
Crystal Gal II Mahjong Crystal Gal II Mahjong     Images  
Cube Quest Cube Quest        
Cuby Bop Cuby Bop        
Cue Brick Cue Brick         Konami
Curve Ball Curve Ball        
Cutie Q Cutie Q         Namco
Cybattler Cybattler         Jaleco
Cyber Commando Cyber Commando         Namco
Cyber Cycles Cyber Cycles         Namco
Cyber Sled Cyber Sled         Namco
Cyber-Lip Cyber-Lip         SNK
Cyberball Cyberball        
Cyberball 2072 Cyberball 2072        
Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness         Capcom
Cyberstorm Cyberstorm        
CyberTank CyberTank        
Cycle Shooting Cycle Shooting         Taito
Cycle Warriors Cycle Warriors        
Cyvern: The Dragon Weapons Cyvern: The Dragon Weapons         Kaneko
D D Crew D D Crew         Sega
D-Day D-Day        
D-Day (Jaleco) D-Day (Jaleco)         Jaleco
Dadandarn Dadandarn         Konami
Dai Ressya Goutou Dai Ressya Goutou        
Daiku No Gensan Daiku No Gensan         Irem
Daimakaimura Daimakaimura         Capcom
Daioh Daioh         American Sammy
Daisenpuu Daisenpuu         Taito
DakkoChan Jansoh DakkoChan Jansoh         Sega
Dambusters Dambusters        
Dance Dance Revolution Dance Dance Revolution         Konami
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix         Konami
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix         Konami
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix + Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix +         Konami
Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix         Konami
Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix + Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix +         Konami
Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix         Konami
Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix - DDR MAX Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix - DDR MAX         Konami
Dance Dance Revolution Solo 4th Mix Dance Dance Revolution Solo 4th Mix         Konami
Dance Dance Revolution Solo Mix Dance Dance Revolution Solo Mix         Konami
Dance Dance Revolution USA Mix Dance Dance Revolution USA Mix         Konami
Dance Maniax Dance Maniax         Konami
Dance Maniax 2nd Mix Dance Maniax 2nd Mix         Konami
Dance Maniax 2nd Mix Append JParadise Dance Maniax 2nd Mix Append JParadise         Konami
Dancing Stage Dancing Stage         Konami
Dancing Stage: Disney Dancing Stage: Disney's Rave         Konami
Dancing Stage: Euromix Dancing Stage: Euromix         Konami
Dangar - Ufo Robo Dangar - Ufo Robo        
Danger Zone Danger Zone        
Dangerous Curves Dangerous Curves         Taito
Dangerous Dungeons Dangerous Dungeons        
Dangerous Seed Dangerous Seed         Namco
Dangun Feveron Dangun Feveron        
Danny Sullivan Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat        
Daraku Tenshi: The Fallen Angels Daraku Tenshi: The Fallen Angels        
Darius Darius         Taito
Darius Gaiden Darius Gaiden         Taito
Darius II Darius II         Taito
Dark Adventure Dark Adventure         Konami
Dark Edge Dark Edge         Sega
Dark Invader Dark Invader        
Dark Planet Dark Planet        
Dark Seal Dark Seal         Data East
Dark Seal 2 Dark Seal 2         Data East
Dark Silhouette: Silent Scope 2 Dark Silhouette: Silent Scope 2         Konami
Dark Stalkers: The Night Warriors Dark Stalkers: The Night Warriors         Capcom
Dark Tower Dark Tower        
Dark Warrior Dark Warrior        
Darwin 4078 Darwin 4078         Data East
Davis Cup Davis Cup         Taito
Dawn Patrol Dawn Patrol        
Daytona USA Daytona USA         Sega
Daytona USA 2: Battle On The Edge Daytona USA 2: Battle On The Edge         Sega
Daytona USA 2: Power Edition Daytona USA 2: Power Edition         Sega
Dazzler Dazzler        
Dcon Dcon        
Dead Angle Dead Angle        
Dead Connection Dead Connection         Taito
Dead Eye Dead Eye        
Dead Or Alive Dead Or Alive         Tecmo Inc.
Dead Or Alive 2 Dead Or Alive 2         Tecmo Inc.
Dead Or Alive++ Dead Or Alive++         Tecmo Inc.
Death Race Death Race         Exidy
Decathlete Decathlete         Sega
DECO Cassette System DECO Cassette System         Data East
Deep Scan Deep Scan        
Deer Hunting USA Deer Hunting USA        
Defence Command Defence Command        
Defend The Terra Attack On The Red UFO Defend The Terra Attack On The Red UFO        
Defender Defender     Images   Williams
Defense Defense        
Defense Command Defense Command        
Deluxe Space Invaders Deluxe Space Invaders         Midway
Demolition Derby Demolition Derby        
Demolition Derby (1977) Demolition Derby (1977)        
Demon Demon        
Demon Demon's World         Toaplan
Densha De Go! Densha De Go!         Taito
Densha De Go! 2 Densha De Go! 2         Taito
Densha De Go! 3 Densha De Go! 3         Taito
Depthcharge Depthcharge         Gremlin
Deroon Derodo Deroon Derodo         Tecmo Inc.
Desert Assault Desert Assault         Data East
Desert Fox Desert Fox        
Desert Gun Desert Gun         Midway
Desert Patrol Desert Patrol        
Desert Race Desert Race        
Desert Tank Desert Tank         Sega
Desert War Desert War         Jaleco
Destination Earth Destination Earth        
Destroyer Destroyer         Atari
Destroyer From Jail, The Destroyer From Jail, The        
Destruction Derby Destruction Derby        
Detana!! Twin Bee Detana!! Twin Bee         Konami
Devastator Devastator         Williams
Devastators Devastators         Konami
Devil Fish Devil Fish        
Devil World Devil World         Konami
Devil Zone Devil Zone        
Dharma Dharma        
Diamond Run Diamond Run        
Die Hard Arcade Die Hard Arcade         Sega
Diet Go Go Diet Go Go         Data East
Dig Dug Dig Dug         Atari
Dig Dug II Dig Dug II         Namco
Digger Digger        
Digger Man Digger Man        
Dimahoo Dimahoo        
Dingo Dingo         Jaleco
Dino Rex Dino Rex         Taito
Dirt Dash Dirt Dash         Namco
Dirt Devils Dirt Devils         Sega
Dirt Fox Dirt Fox         Namco
Disco Fever Disco Fever         Williams
Disco Mahjong Otachidai No Okite Disco Mahjong Otachidai No Okite        
Disco No. 1 Disco No. 1         Data East
Discs Of Tron Discs Of Tron     Images   Bally Midway
DJ Boy DJ Boy         Kaneko
Do Don Pachi Do Don Pachi        
Do! Run Run Do! Run Run        
Doctor Pong Doctor Pong         Atari
Dog Fight Dog Fight        
Dog Patch Dog Patch        
Dogosoken Dogosoken         SNK
Dogyuun Dogyuun         Toaplan
Dokaben Dokaben         Capcom
Domino Man Domino Man        
Dominos Dominos         Atari
Dommy Dommy        
Don Doko Don Don Doko Don         Taito
Don Pachi Don Pachi        
Don-Den Mahjong Don-Den Mahjong        
Donkey King Donkey King        
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong     Images   Nintendo
Donkey Kong 3 Donkey Kong 3         Nintendo
Donkey Kong Junior Donkey Kong Junior         Nintendo
Dorodon Dorodon        
Dottori Kun Dottori Kun         Sega
Double Axle Double Axle         Taito
Double Cheese Double Cheese         Midway
Double Dealer Double Dealer        
Double Donkey Kong Double Donkey Kong        
Double Dragon Double Dragon         Taito
Double Dragon (Neo-Geo) Double Dragon (Neo-Geo)        
Double Dragon (PlayChoice) Double Dragon (PlayChoice)         Nintendo
Double Dragon 3 - The Rosetta Stone Double Dragon 3 - The Rosetta Stone        
Double Dragon II - The Revenge Double Dragon II - The Revenge        
Double Dribble Double Dribble         Konami
Double Dribble (PlayChoice) Double Dribble (PlayChoice)         Konami
Double Dynamites, The Double Dynamites, The        
Double Play Double Play         Midway
Double Up Double Up        
Double-Wings Double-Wings        
Down Town Down Town         Romstar
Downhill Bikers Downhill Bikers         Namco
Dr. Mario Dr. Mario         Nintendo
Dr. Toppel Tankentai Dr. Toppel Tankentai         Taito
Drag Race Drag Race        
Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z        
Dragon Ball Z 2 Super Battle Dragon Ball Z 2 Super Battle        
Dragon Ball Z V.R. V.S. Dragon Ball Z V.R. V.S.        
Dragon Blaze Dragon Blaze        
Dragon Bowl Dragon Bowl        
Dragon Breed Dragon Breed         Irem
Dragon Buster Dragon Buster         Namco
Dragon Gun Dragon Gun         Data East
Dragon Ninja Dragon Ninja         Data East
Dragon Saber Dragon Saber         Namco
Dragon Spirit Dragon Spirit         Namco
Dragon World II Dragon World II        
Dragon Dragon's Lair         Cinematronics
Dragon Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp     Images  
Dragonball Dragonball        
Dragoon Might Dragoon Might         Konami
Draw Poker Draw Poker        
Dream Shopper Dream Shopper        
Dream Soccer Dream Soccer '94         Irem
Dribbling Dribbling        
Drift Out Drift Out        
Driver Driver's Edge        
Driver Driver's Eyes         Namco
Driving Force Driving Force        
Driving Party Driving Party         Konami
Drummania Drummania         Konami
Drummania 2nd Mix Drummania 2nd Mix         Konami
Drummania 3rd Mix Drummania 3rd Mix         Konami
Drummania 4th Mix Drummania 4th Mix         Konami
Drummania 5th Mix Drummania 5th Mix         Konami
Duck Hunt Duck Hunt         Nintendo
Dump Matsumoto Dump Matsumoto         Sega
Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara         Capcom
Dungeons and Dragons: Tower Of Doom Dungeons and Dragons: Tower Of Doom         Capcom
Dunk Mania Dunk Mania         Namco
Dunk Shot Dunk Shot         Sega
Dunk Star Dunk Star         American Sammy
Dyger Dyger        
Dynablaster Dynablaster         Irem
Dynamic Ski Dynamic Ski        
Dynamite Cop Dynamite Cop         Sega
Dynamite Deka Dynamite Deka         Sega
Dynamite Duke Dynamite Duke        
Dynamite Dux Dynamite Dux         Sega
Dynamite League Dynamite League         Taito
Dynasty Wars Dynasty Wars         Capcom
Dyno Bop Dyno Bop        
E.D.F. Earth Defense Force E.D.F. Earth Defense Force         Jaleco
E.T. E.T.         Atari
Eagle Eagle         Centuri
Eagle Shot Golf Eagle Shot Golf         American Sammy
Earth Friend Earth Friend        
Earth Joker - U.N. Defense Force Earth Joker - U.N. Defense Force        
Eco Fighters Eco Fighters         Capcom
Edward Randy Edward Randy         Data East
Egg Venture Egg Venture        
Eggs Eggs        
Ehrgeiz Ehrgeiz         Namco
Eight Forces Eight Forces         Tecmo Inc.
Eightman Eightman         SNK
Electra Electra        
Electric Yo-Yo, The Electric Yo-Yo, The         Taito
Elepong Elepong         Taito
Elevator Action Elevator Action     Images   Taito
Elevator Action II Elevator Action II         Taito
Elevator Action Returns Elevator Action Returns         Taito
Elimination Elimination        
Eliminator Eliminator         Sega
Emeraldia Emeraldia         Namco
Emergency Call Ambulance Emergency Call Ambulance         Sega
Empire City: 1931 Empire City: 1931        
Empire Strikes Back, The Empire Strikes Back, The         Atari
End, The End, The         Stern
Enduro Racer Enduro Racer         Sega
Enforce Enforce         Taito
Enigma II Enigma II        
Eon And The Time Tunnel Eon And The Time Tunnel        
Equites Equites        
Erotictac Erotictac        
Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters         Atari
Escape Kids Escape Kids         Konami
Esh Esh's Aurunmilla        
ESP RA.DE. ESP RA.DE.        
Espial Espial        
ESWAT Cyber Police ESWAT Cyber Police         Sega
Euro Champ Euro Champ '92         Taito
Euro Football Champ Euro Football Champ         Taito
Euro League Euro League        
Evil Night Evil Night       Answers Konami
Exbania Exbania         Namco
Excitebike Excitebike         Nintendo
Excitebike (PlayChoice) Excitebike (PlayChoice)         Nintendo
Exciting Hour Exciting Hour        
Exciting Soccer Exciting Soccer        
Exciting Soccer II Exciting Soccer II        
Exed Exes Exed Exes         Capcom
Exerion Exerion         Jaleco
Exerizer Exerizer         Jaleco
Exodus Exodus        
Explorer Explorer         Data East
Express Raider Express Raider         Data East
Extermination Extermination        
Exterminator Exterminator        
Extra Bases Extra Bases         Midway
Extra Innings Extra Innings         Midway
Extreme Downhill Extreme Downhill         American Sammy
Exvania Exvania         Namco
Eyes Eyes   Review Images   Rock-Ola
F-1 F-1        
F-1 Dream F-1 Dream         Capcom
F-1 Grand Prix F-1 Grand Prix        
F-15 Strike Eagle F-15 Strike Eagle         MicroProse
F-Zero F-Zero         Nintendo
F/A F/A         Namco
F1 Exhaust Note F1 Exhaust Note         Sega
Face Off Face Off         Namco
Fairyland Story, The Fairyland Story, The         Taito
Family Bowl Family Bowl         Namco
Fantasia Fantasia        
Fantasy Fantasy        
Fantasy Zone Fantasy Zone         Sega
Fantasy Zone II Fantasy Zone II         Sega
Fantazia Fantazia        
Far West Far West        
Fashion Gambler Fashion Gambler        
Fast Freddie Fast Freddie       Answers Atari
Fast Lane Fast Lane         Konami
Fast-Draw Showdown Fast-Draw Showdown         American Laser Games
Faster Harder More Challenging Q*bert Faster Harder More Challenging Q*bert        
Fatal Fury 2 Fatal Fury 2         SNK
Fatal Fury 3: Road To The Final Victory Fatal Fury 3: Road To The Final Victory         SNK
Fatal Fury Special Fatal Fury Special         SNK
Fatal Fury Wild Ambition Fatal Fury Wild Ambition         SNK
Fatal Fury: King Of Fighters Fatal Fury: King Of Fighters         SNK
Fax Fax        
Ferrari F355 Challenge Ferrari F355 Challenge         Sega
Fester Fester's Quest        
Fever On Fever On        
Field Combat Field Combat         Jaleco
Field Goal Field Goal         Taito
Fight Fever Fight Fever        
Fighter and Attacker Fighter and Attacker         Namco
Fighter Fighter's History         Data East
Fighter Fighter's History Dynamite         Data East
Fighters Fighters' Impact         Taito
Fighters Fighters' Impact A         Taito
Fighting Bujutsu Fighting Bujutsu         Konami
Fighting Dragon Legend Elan Doree Fighting Dragon Legend Elan Doree         Sega
Fighting Fantasy Fighting Fantasy         Data East
Fighting Golf - Lee Trevino Fighting Golf - Lee Trevino's         SNK
Fighting Hawk Fighting Hawk         Taito
Fighting Ice Hockey Fighting Ice Hockey         Data East
Fighting Mania Fighting Mania         Konami
Fighting Roller Fighting Roller         Taito
Fighting Soccer Fighting Soccer         SNK
Fighting Vipers Fighting Vipers         Sega
Final Blow Final Blow         Taito
Final Bunny Final Bunny        
Final Crash Final Crash        
Final Fight Final Fight         Capcom
Final Fight Revenge Final Fight Revenge         Capcom
Final Furlong Final Furlong         Namco
Final Lap Final Lap         Namco
Final Lap 2 Final Lap 2         Namco
Final Lap 3 Final Lap 3         Namco
Final Lap R Final Lap R         Namco
Final Lap UR Final Lap UR         Namco
Final Round, The Final Round, The         Konami
Final Star Force Final Star Force         Tecmo Inc.
Finalizer - Super Transformation Finalizer - Super Transformation         Konami
Finest Hour Finest Hour         Namco
Fire and Forget II Fire and Forget II         Titus
Fire Barrel Fire Barrel         Irem
Fire Hawk Fire Hawk        
Fire One! Fire One!        
Fire Power Fire Power        
Fire Shark Fire Shark         Romstar
Fire Suplex Fire Suplex         SNK
Fire Trap Fire Trap         Data East
Fire Truck Fire Truck         Atari
Firefox Firefox         Atari
Fisco 400 Fisco 400         Taito
Fisherman Fisherman's Bait: A Bass Challenge         Konami
Fisherman Fisherman's Bait: Marlin Challenge         Konami
Fishing Fishing         Data East
Fitter Fitter         Taito
Fixeight Fixeight         Toaplan
Flak Attack Flak Attack         Konami
Flash Point Flash Point         Sega
Flashgal Flashgal         Sega