Arcade Games

  Title Codes Review Images Answers Publisher
A.P.B. A.P.B.     Images   Atari
Aa Eikou No Koushien Aa Eikou No Koushien         Taito
AAArgh! AAArgh!         Mastertronic
AB Cop AB Cop         Sega
Ab$cam Ab$cam        
Ace Ace        
Ace Driver Ace Driver         Namco
Ace Driver Victory Lap Ace Driver Victory Lap         Namco
Acrobat Acrobat         Taito
Acrobat Mission Acrobat Mission        
Act Raiser Act Raiser         Enix
Act-Fancer: Cybernetick Hyper Weapon Act-Fancer: Cybernetick Hyper Weapon     Images   Data East
Action Fighter Action Fighter         Sega
Action Pac Action Pac        
Addams Family, The Addams Family, The        
Adventure Mr. Do! Adventure Mr. Do!        
Adventure Quiz 2 - Hatena? No Dai-Bouken Adventure Quiz 2 - Hatena? No Dai-Bouken         Capcom
Adventure Quiz Capcom World Adventure Quiz Capcom World         Capcom
Adventure Quiz Capcom World 2 Adventure Quiz Capcom World 2         Capcom
Aero Fighters Aero Fighters     Images  
Aero Fighters 2 Aero Fighters 2        
Aero Fighters 3 Aero Fighters 3        
Aeroboto Aeroboto     Images   Williams
After Burner After Burner     Images   Sega
After Burner II After Burner II     Images   Sega
Aggressors Of Dark Kombat Aggressors Of Dark Kombat     Images  
Air Assault Air Assault         Irem
Air Buster Air Buster     Images   Kaneko
Air Combat Air Combat         Namco
Air Combat (1976) Air Combat (1976)        
Air Combat 22 Air Combat 22         Namco
Air Duel Air Duel     Images   Irem
Air Gallet Air Gallet        
Air Inferno Air Inferno         Taito
Air Raid Air Raid        
Air Rescue Air Rescue         Sega
Air Trix Air Trix         Sega
Airline Pilots Airline Pilots       Answers Sega
Airwolf Airwolf     Images   Kyugo
Ajax Ajax     Images   Konami
Akka Arrh Akka Arrh         Atari
Akkanvader Akkanvader     Images   Taito
Akumajou Dracula Akumajou Dracula         Konami
Akuu Gallet Akuu Gallet        
Albegas Albegas         Sega
Alcon Alcon     Images   Taito
Aleste 2 Aleste 2         Compile
Alex Kidd Alex Kidd         Sega
Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle         Sega
Ali Baba And 40 Thieves Ali Baba And 40 Thieves     Images   Sega
Alice In Wonderland Alice In Wonderland         Namco
Alien 3: The Gun Alien 3: The Gun         Sega
Alien Arena Alien Arena        
Alien Command Alien Command         Jaleco
Alien Crush Alien Crush         NEC
Alien Invader Alien Invader        
Alien Invasion Part II Alien Invasion Part II        
Alien Sector Alien Sector   Review Images   Namco
Alien Storm Alien Storm     Images   Sega
Alien Syndrome Alien Syndrome     Images   Sega
Alien Vs. Predator Alien Vs. Predator     Images   Capcom
Aliens Aliens     Images   Konami
All American Football All American Football        
All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua         Sega
Alley Master Alley Master     Images  
Alley Rally Alley Rally        
Alligator Hunt Alligator Hunt        
Alpha 1 Alpha 1         Atari
Alpha Mission Alpha Mission         SNK
Alpha Mission II Alpha Mission II     Images   SNK
Alphax Z, The Alphax Z, The        
Alpine Racer Alpine Racer         Namco
Alpine Racer 2 Alpine Racer 2         Namco
Alpine Ski Alpine Ski     Images   Taito
Alpine Surfer Alpine Surfer         Namco
Altered Beast Altered Beast         Sega
Amatelass Amatelass        
Amazing Maze Game, The Amazing Maze Game, The     Images  
Amazing Tennis Amazing Tennis         Absolute Entertainment
Amazon Amazon        
Ambush Ambush        
Ameri Darts Ameri Darts        
American Football American Football     Images   Tecmo Inc.
American Horseshoes American Horseshoes         Taito
American Speedway American Speedway        
Amidar Amidar        
Amigo Amigo        
Amman De Pinky Amman De Pinky        
Andro Dunos Andro Dunos        
Angel Eyes Angel Eyes         Tecmo Inc.
Angel Kids Angel Kids         Sega
Angler Dangler Angler Dangler         Data East
Antarctic Adventure Antarctic Adventure         Konami
Anteater Anteater        
Anti-Aircraft II Anti-Aircraft II         Atari
Apache 3 Apache 3        
Apparel Night Apparel Night     Images  
Appoooh Appoooh     Images   Sega
Aqua Jack Aqua Jack         Taito
Aqua Jet Aqua Jet         Namco
Aquarium Aquarium        
Arabian Arabian     Images   Atari
Arabian Fight Arabian Fight         Sega
Arabian Magic Arabian Magic         Taito
Arbalester Arbalester         Seta
Arc Area Arc Area        
Arcade Classics Arcade Classics     Images  
Arch Rivals Arch Rivals     Images   Bally Midway
Arctic Thunder Arctic Thunder         Midway
Area 51 Area 51     Images  
Area 51/Maximum Force Duo Area 51/Maximum Force Duo     Images  
Area 51: Site 4 Area 51: Site 4        
Area 88 Area 88         Capcom
Ares No Tsubasa - The Legendary Soldiers Ares No Tsubasa - The Legendary Soldiers         Capcom
Argos No Senshi - Legendary Warrior Argos No Senshi - Legendary Warrior         Tecmo Inc.
Argus Argus         Jaleco
Arian Mission Arian Mission         SNK
Ark Area Ark Area        
Arkanoid Arkanoid     Images   Taito
Arkanoid - Revenge Of Doh Arkanoid - Revenge Of Doh         Taito
Arkanoid Returns Arkanoid Returns         Taito
Arlington Horse Racing Arlington Horse Racing     Images  
Arm Champs II Arm Champs II         Jaleco
Arm Wrestling Arm Wrestling         Nintendo
Armadillo Racing Armadillo Racing         Namco
Armed Formation F Armed Formation F        
Armed Police Batrider Armed Police Batrider        
Armor Attack Armor Attack     Images   Cinematronics
Armored Car Armored Car         Stern
Armored Warriors Armored Warriors         Capcom
Arrow Bingo Arrow Bingo        
Art Of Fighting Art Of Fighting         SNK
Art Of Fighting 2 Art Of Fighting 2         SNK
Art Of Fighting 3 - The Path Of The Warrior Art Of Fighting 3 - The Path Of The Warrior         SNK
Ashura Blaster Ashura Blaster        
ASO II: Last Guardian ASO II: Last Guardian         SNK
ASO: Armored Scrum Object ASO: Armored Scrum Object         SNK
Assassin Assassin         Namco
Assault Assault     Images   Atari
Assault Plus Assault Plus         Namco
Asterix Asterix         Konami
Asterock Asterock        
Asteroid Asteroid     Images  
Asteroids Asteroids     Images   Atari
Asteroids Deluxe Asteroids Deluxe     Images   Atari
Astra Super Stars Astra Super Stars         Sunsoft
Astro Battle Astro Battle        
Astro Blaster Astro Blaster Codes   Images   Sega
Astro Chase Astro Chase        
Astro Combat Astro Combat        
Astro Fantasia Astro Fantasia         Data East
Astro Fighter Astro Fighter   Review Images   Sega
Astro Invader Astro Invader     Images   Stern
Astro Race Astro Race         Taito
Astrohockey Astrohockey        
Astron Belt Astron Belt         Sega
Astyanax, The Astyanax, The     Images   Jaleco
Asuka And Asuka Asuka And Asuka         Taito
Asura Blade: Sword Of Dynasty Asura Blade: Sword Of Dynasty        
Atari Baseball Atari Baseball     Images   Atari
Atari Basketball Atari Basketball         Atari
Atari Football Atari Football     Images   Atari
Atari R.B.I. Baseball Atari R.B.I. Baseball         Atari
Atari Soccer Atari Soccer         Atari
Ataxx Ataxx        
Athena Athena     Images   SNK
Athena No Hatena? Athena No Hatena?         Athena
Athlete, The Athlete, The         Taito
Atlantic City Atlantic City        
Atomic Boy Atomic Boy         Irem
Atomic Castle Atomic Castle        
Atomic Point Atomic Point        
Atomic Punk Atomic Punk         Irem
Atomic Punk Global Quest Atomic Punk Global Quest         Irem
Atomic Robo-Kid Atomic Robo-Kid        
Attack Attack         Taito
Attack (Exidy) Attack (Exidy)        
Attack Of The Zolgear Attack Of The Zolgear         Namco
Aurail Aurail         Sega
Auto Test Auto Test        
AV2 Mahjong No1 Bay Bridge No Seijo AV2 Mahjong No1 Bay Bridge No Seijo        
Avalanche Avalanche     Images   Atari
Avenger Avenger        
Avengers Avengers         Capcom
Avengers In Galactic Storm Avengers In Galactic Storm         Data East
Avenging Spirit Avenging Spirit         Jaleco
Aztarac Aztarac     Images   Centuri
Azurian Attack Azurian Attack