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i need to completely take apart my ps2. any links to help me
11/18/2004 6:40:58 PM

(posted: 11/19/2004 4:26:04 AM) Check out our article about maintaining your system. In the PS2 section, we offer a lot of information, including tips on taking the machine apart. There are appropriate links to pictures as well.

can you play other kinds of discs on a playstation 2
11/21/2004 1:35:36 PM

(posted: 11/24/2004 4:02:57 AM) Answer Courtesy of Toriko: You can play PS1, CD, and US region DVD discs on a Playstation 2.  You can not play other video games, or VCD/SVCD discs. 

How can I get rid of scratches on my PS2 game disk without paying any money?
11/27/2004 11:35:32 AM

(posted: 11/28/2004 7:47:09 AM) Nothing in life is free. CD Repair kits are under $10. I don't recommend using any other method to remove scratches from your game disc. If your game is less than 90 days old, and you didn't scratch the game (if it came that way), you'll have no problem asking Sony for a replacement, because the disc is defective. This means of replacement is typically at no cost, other than shipping.

my PS2 is making a weird grinding sound with one of my games what should I do?
11/30/2004 1:29:19 PM

(posted: 1/28/2005 9:18:07 AM) Answer Courtesy of Ditto: If you have a Gen 1 PS2, try contacting Sony support. There were so many problems with the Gen 1 that, assuming you haven't modded your console, Sony will often refurbish it free of charge. That could cure what is causing your problem.

can i use a regular webcam on my ps2 instead of the eyetoy
3/30/2005 7:48:53 PM

(posted: 4/21/2005 5:52:00 AM) Answer Courtesy of pixelSHREDDER:

No- only the EyeToy camera will work with games that support digital camera features.

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