Atari Jaguar Games

  Title Codes Review Images Answers Publisher
Air Cars Air Cars         ICD
Alien vs. Predator Alien vs. Predator         Atari
Atari Jaguar Console Atari Jaguar Console         Atari
Atari Karts Atari Karts         Atari
Attack of the Mutant Penguins Attack of the Mutant Penguins         Atari
Battlesphere Battlesphere         Scatologic
Breakout 2000 Breakout 2000         Atari
Brutal Sports Football Brutal Sports Football         Telegames
Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales         Atari
Cannon Fodder Cannon Fodder         Computer West
Checkered Flag Checkered Flag     Images   Atari
Club Drive Club Drive         Atari
Crescent Galaxy Crescent Galaxy         Atari
Cybermorph Cybermorph     Images   Atari
Defender 2000 Defender 2000         Atari
Doom Doom         ID Software
Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls         Williams
Dragon Dragon         Atari
Evolution:Dino Dudes Evolution:Dino Dudes         Atari
Fever Pitch Soccer Fever Pitch Soccer         Atari
Fight For Life Fight For Life         Atari
Flashback Flashback         Tiertex Ltd.
Flip Out Flip Out     Images   Atari
Hover Strike Hover Strike         Atari
Hyper Force Hyper Force         Songbird Productions
I-war I-war         Atari
International Sensible Soccer International Sensible Soccer         Telegames
Iron Soldier Iron Soldier     Images   Atari
Iron Soldier 2 Limited Ed. Iron Soldier 2 Limited Ed.         Telegames
Jaguar Hardware Jaguar Hardware         Atari
Kasumi Ninja Kasumi Ninja         Atari
Missile Command 3D Missile Command 3D         Atari
NBA Jam Tournament Edition NBA Jam Tournament Edition         Atari
Pinball Fantasies Pinball Fantasies         Computer West
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure         Activision
Power Drive Rally Power Drive Rally   Review Images   Time-Warner
Protector Protector         Songbird Productions
Raiden Raiden         Atari
Rayman Rayman         Ubisoft Entertainment
Ruiner Ruiner         Atari
Skyhammer Skyhammer         Songbird Productions
Soccer Kid Soccer Kid         Songbird Productions
Space War 2000 Space War 2000         Atari
Super Burnout Super Burnout         Atari
Supercross 3D Supercross 3D         Atari
Tempest 2000 Tempest 2000         Atari
Theme Park Theme Park         Ocean
Towers II Towers II         Telegames
Troy Aikman NFL Football Troy Aikman NFL Football         Williams
Ultra Vortek Ultra Vortek         Atari
Val D Val D'Isere Skiing and Snowboarding       Answers Atari
White Men Can White Men Can't Jump (w/Team Tap)     Images   Atari
Wolfenstein 3D Wolfenstein 3D         Atari
Worms Worms         Telegames
Zero 5 Zero 5         Telegames
Zool 2 Zool 2       Answers Atari
Zoop Zoop         Atari