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Scoots , 1/30/2003 8:10:28 AM
Odyssey Game Cart Info

The Odyssey was an extremely primitive gaming system debuting in the early '70s. Graphically, the games were so rudimentary that most of them required special transparent overlays that would be taped to the tv screen. Many games also used game boards, tiles, and dice. Because the graphics were so basic, many games could be played using the same individual game cart, simply by using different overlays and game pieces. Despite the existance of 28 known games, there are only 11 or 12 individual carts. Following is a list of the carts and the games they correspond to. Note that same games used more than one cart, depending on how it was played.

Cart 1: Table Tennis
Cart 2: Ski/Simon Says/Fun Zone/Percepts
Cart 3: Tennis/Analogic/Hockey/Football/Baseball/Brain Wave
Cart 4: Cat and Mouse/Football/Haunted House/Invasion/Win
Cart 5: Submarine/Invasion/Wipeout
Cart 6: Roulette/States/Invasion
Cart 7: Volleyball
Cart 8: Handball/Basketball
Cart 9: Shootout/Dogfight/Prehistoric Safari
Cart 10: Shooting Gallery
Cart 11: *Existance unknown*
Cart 12: Interplanetary Voyage