Commodore VIC-20 Games

  Title Codes Review Images Answers Publisher
A World at War A World at War        
A.E. A.E.        
Adventure Land Adventure Adventure Land Adventure        
Aggressor Aggressor        
Alien Alien        
Alien Blitz Alien Blitz       Answers
Alien Sidestep Alien Sidestep        
Alphabet Zoo Alphabet Zoo        
Amazing Maze Amazing Maze        
Amok Amok        
Ape Escape Ape Escape        
Apple Panic Apple Panic        
Arachnoid Arachnoid        
Artillery Duel Artillery Duel        
Astroblitz Astroblitz        
Atlantis Atlantis        
Attack of the Mutant Camels Attack of the Mutant Camels        
Avenger Avenger        
Baldor Baldor's Castle        
Bandits Bandits        
Battlezone Battlezone        
Black Hole Black Hole        
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom        
Bug Crusher Bug Crusher        
Cannonball Blitz Cannonball Blitz        
Capture the Flag Capture the Flag        
Cave-in Cave-in        
Centipede Centipede        
Choplifter Choplifter        
Chuck Norris Superkicks Chuck Norris Superkicks        
Cloudburst Cloudburst        
Clowns Clowns        
Commodore Artist Commodore Artist        
Computer War Computer War        
Congo Bongo Congo Bongo        
Cosmic Cruncher Cosmic Cruncher        
Cosmic Jailbreak Cosmic Jailbreak        
Crater Raider Crater Raider        
Creepy Corridors Creepy Corridors        
Crossfire Crossfire        
Cyclon Cyclon        
D D'fuse       Answers
Dancing Bear Dancing Bear        
Deadly Duck Deadly Duck        
Deadly Skies Deadly Skies         Tronix
Defender Defender        
Demon Attack Demon Attack        
Dig Dug Dig Dug        
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong        
Dot Gobbler Dot Gobbler        
Dragonfire Dragonfire        
Droids Droids        
Facemaker Facemaker        
Fast Eddie Fast Eddie        
Final Orbit/Bumper Bash (2-on-1) Final Orbit/Bumper Bash (2-on-1)        
Fourth Encounter Fourth Encounter        
Frogger Frogger        
Fun with Music Fun with Music        
Galaxian Galaxian        
Garden Wars Garden Wars        
Ghost Manor Ghost Manor        
Gold Fever Gold Fever        
Gorf Gorf        
Gridder Gridder         Microdigital
Gridrunner Gridrunner        
HesMon HesMon        
HesWriter HesWriter        
Home Babysitter Home Babysitter        
Household Finance Household Finance        
IFR IFR        
In the Chips In the Chips        
Jawbreaker II Jawbreaker II        
Jelly Monsters Jelly Monsters        
Jungle Hunt Jungle Hunt        
Jupiter Lander Jupiter Lander        
K-Razy Antiks K-Razy Antiks        
K-Star Patrol K-Star Patrol        
Kids on Keys Kids on Keys        
Kindercomp Kindercomp        
Lazer Zone Lazer Zone        
Lode Runner Lode Runner         Broderbund
Lunar Leeper Lunar Leeper        
MasterType MasterType        
Maze Maze        
Medieval Joust Medieval Joust        
Menagerie Menagerie        
Meteor Run Meteor Run        
Midnight Drive Midnight Drive        
Mine Madness Mine Madness        
Miner 2049 Miner 2049'er        
Mission Impossible Adventure Mission Impossible Adventure        
Mobile Attack Mobile Attack        
Mole Attack Mole Attack        
Money Wars Money Wars        
Monster Maze Monster Maze        
Moon Patrol Moon Patrol        
Mosquito Infestation Mosquito Infestation        
Motocross Racer Motocross Racer        
Mountain King Mountain King        
Ms. Pac-Man Ms. Pac-Man        
Mutant Herd Mutant Herd        
Number Crunch Number Crunch        
Number Nabber, Shape Grabber Number Nabber, Shape Grabber        
Omega Race Omega Race         Commodore
Outworld Outworld        
Pac-Man Pac-Man        
Paratrooper Paratrooper        
Personal Finance Personal Finance        
Pharaoh Pharaoh's Curse        
Pinball Pinball        
Pipes Pipes         Creative Software
Pirate Pirate's Cove Adventure        
Poker Poker        
Polaris Polaris        
Pole Position Pole Position        
Predator Predator        
Princess  and  Frog Princess and Frog        
Protector Protector        
Q*Bert Q*Bert        
Radar Ratrace Radar Ratrace        
Raid on Fort Knox Raid on Fort Knox        
Rat Hotel Rat Hotel        
Renaissance Renaissance        
River Rescue River Rescue        
Road Race Road Race        
Robin Hood Robin Hood        
Robot Panic Robot Panic        
Robotron: 2084 Robotron: 2084        
Sargon II Chess Sargon II Chess        
Satellite Patrol Satellite Patrol        
Satellites and Meteorites Satellites and Meteorites        
Scorpion Scorpion        
Sea Wolf Sea Wolf        
SeaFox SeaFox        
Serpentine Serpentine        
Shamus Shamus       Answers
Sir Lancelot Sir Lancelot        
Skibbereen Skibbereen        
Skyblazer Skyblazer        
Slot Slot        
Snake Snake        
Space Ric-O-Shay Space Ric-O-Shay        
Space Snake Space Snake        
Speed Math / Bingo Math Speed Math / Bingo Math        
Spider City Spider City        
Spiders of Mars Spiders of Mars        
Spike Spike's Peak        
Spills and Fills Spills and Fills        
Springer Springer        
Squish Squish'Em        
Star Battle Star Battle        
Star Post Star Post        
Star Trek  (S.O.S.) Star Trek (S.O.S.)        
Story Machine Story Machine        
Sub Chase Sub Chase        
Submarine Commander Submarine Commander        
Super Alien Super Alien        
Super Amok Super Amok        
Super Slot Super Slot        
Super Smash Super Smash        
Synthesound Synthesound        
Tank Atak Tank Atak        
Tank Wars Tank Wars        
TerraGuard TerraGuard        
The Count Adventure The Count Adventure        
The Sky is Falling The Sky is Falling        
Threshold Threshold        
Tomarc the Barbarian Tomarc the Barbarian        
Tooth Invaders Tooth Invaders        
Topper Topper        
Trashman Trashman        
Turmoil Turmoil        
Turtle Graphics Turtle Graphics        
Tutankham Tutankham        
Type Attack Type Attack        
Typo Typo        
Vic Avenger Vic Avenger        
Vic FORTH Vic FORTH        
Vic Music Composer Vic Music Composer        
Video Vermin Video Vermin        
Videomania Videomania        
Visible Solar System Visible Solar System        
Voodoo Castle Adventure Voodoo Castle Adventure