Atari 2600 Games

  Title Codes Review Images Answers Publisher
S.O.S. S.O.S.        
Saboteur Saboteur         Atari
Save Mary Save Mary         Atari
Save the Whales Save the Whales         20th Century Fox
Save the Whales Save the Whales         CGE Services
SCSIcide SCSIcide         Hozer Video Games
SCSIcide PhillyClassic3 SCSIcide PhillyClassic3        
Scuba Diver Scuba Diver         Panda
Sea Hawk Sea Hawk         Froggo
Sea Hunt Sea Hunt         Froggo
Sea Quest Sea Quest        
Seaquest Seaquest         Activision
Secret Agent Secret Agent         Data Age
Secret Quest Secret Quest         Atari
See Saw See Saw        
Sentinel Sentinel         Atari
Shark Attack Shark Attack         Apollo
Shootin Shootin' Gallery         Imagic
Shooting Arcade Shooting Arcade         Atari
Shuttle Orbiter Shuttle Orbiter         Avalon Hill
Sinistar Sinistar         Atari
Sir Lancelot Sir Lancelot         Xonox
Skate Boardin Skate Boardin'         Absolute Entertainment
Skeet Shoot Skeet Shoot     Images   Apollo
Skeleton Skeleton         AtariAge
Skiing Skiing         Activision
Sky Diver Sky Diver     Images   Atari
Sky Jinks Sky Jinks         Activision
Sky Patrol Sky Patrol         Imagic
Sky Skipper Sky Skipper         Parker Brothers
Slot Machine Slot Machine         Atari
Slot Racers Slot Racers         Atari
Slots Slots         Sears
Smurfs Save the Day Smurfs Save the Day         Coleco
Smurfs: Rescue in Gargamel Smurfs: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle         Coleco
Sneak n Sneak n' Peek       Answers US Games
Snoopy and the Red Baron Snoopy and the Red Baron         Atari
Snow White Snow White         Atari
Soccer Soccer         Sears
Solar Fox Solar Fox         CBS Electronics
Solar Storm Solar Storm         Imagic
Solaris Solaris     Images   Atari
Sorcerer Sorcerer         Mythicon
Sorcerer Sorcerer's Apprentice         Atari
Space Adventure Space Adventure         Zellers
Space Attack Space Attack         M Network
Space Canyon Space Canyon         Panda
Space Cavern Space Cavern     Images   Apollo
Space Combat Space Combat     Images   Sears
Space Invaders Space Invaders     Images   Atari
Space Invaders:  VECTOR Space Invaders: VECTOR        
Space Jockey Space Jockey     Images   US Games
Space Robot Space Robot        
Space Shuttle Space Shuttle         Activision
Space Tunnel Space Tunnel        
Space War Space War     Images   Atari
Spacechase Spacechase         Apollo
Spacemaster X-7 Spacemaster X-7         20th Century Fox
Speedway II Speedway II         Sears
Spelling Spelling         Sears
Spider Spider        
Spider Fighter Spider Fighter         Activision
Spider Maze Spider Maze         K-Tel Vision
Spider-Man Spider-Man         Parker Brothers
Spiderdroid Spiderdroid         Froggo
Spike Spike's Peak         Xonox
Spitfire Attack Spitfire Attack         Milton Bradley
Springer Springer         Tigervision
Sprintmaster Sprintmaster         Atari
Spy Hunter Spy Hunter         Sega
Squeeze Box Squeeze Box         US Games
Squoosh Squoosh         Apollo
Sssnake Sssnake         Data Age
Stampede Stampede         Activision
Star Fox Star Fox         Mythicon
Star Raiders Star Raiders     Images Answers Atari
Star Ship Star Ship         Atari
Star Strike Star Strike         INTV
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator         Sega
Star Voyager Star Voyager     Images   Imagic
Star Wars Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle Star Wars Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle     Images   Parker Brothers
Star Wars: Jedi Arena Star Wars: Jedi Arena         Parker Brothers
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Ewok Adventure Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Ewok Adventure         Parker Brothers
Star Wars: The Arcade Game Star Wars: The Arcade Game     Images   Parker Brothers
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back   Review Images   Parker Brothers
Stargate Stargate         Atari
Stargunner Stargunner     Images   Telesys
Starmaster Starmaster     Images   Activision
Steeplechase Steeplechase         Sears
Stell-A-Sketch / Okie Dokie Stell-A-Sketch / Okie Dokie         Retroware
Stellar Track Stellar Track     Images   Sears
Strategy X Strategy X         Konami
Strawberry Shortcake Musical Matchups Strawberry Shortcake Musical Matchups     Images   Parker Brothers
Street Racer Street Racer         Atari
Stronghold Stronghold         Comma Vid
Stunt Cycle Stunt Cycle         Atari
Stuntman Stuntman         Panda
Sub Scan Sub Scan         Sega
Submarine Commander Submarine Commander         Sears
Subterranea Subterranea     Images   Imagic
Suicide Mission Suicide Mission     Images   Starpath
Summer Games Summer Games     Images   Epyx
Super Baseball Super Baseball     Images   Atari
Super Breakout Super Breakout     Images   Atari
Super Challenge Baseball Super Challenge Baseball         M Network
Super Challenge Football Super Challenge Football         INTV
Super Cobra Super Cobra         Parker Brothers
Super Football Super Football     Images   Atari
Super Man Super Man     Images  
Supercharger Supercharger   Review Images   Starpath
Superman Superman         Atari
Surf Surf's Up         Amiga
Surround Surround     Images   Atari
Survival Island Survival Island         Starpath
Survival Run Survival Run         Milton Bradley
Sweat: The Decathlon Game Sweat: The Decathlon Game         Starpath
Sword of Saros Sword of Saros         Starpath
Swordquest: Earthworld Swordquest: Earthworld     Images   Atari
Swordquest: Fireworld Swordquest: Fireworld     Images   Atari
Swordquest: Waterworld Swordquest: Waterworld        
Synthcart Synthcart