Bally Astrocade Games

  Title Codes Review Images Answers Publisher
280 Zzzap/Dodgem 280 Zzzap/Dodgem     Images   Bally
Amazin Amazin' Maze/Tic-Tac-Toe     Images   Bally
Artillery Duel Artillery Duel     Images   Astrocade Inc
Astro Battle Astro Battle     Images   Astrovision Inc
Astrocade Pinball Astrocade Pinball     Images   Astrovision Inc
Bally BASIC (w/ interface) Bally BASIC (w/ interface)     Images   Astrovision Inc
Bally Pin Bally Pin         Bally
BioRhythm BioRhythm     Images   Bally
Black Jack/Poker/Acey-Deucey Black Jack/Poker/Acey-Deucey     Images   Bally
Blast Droids Blast Droids         Esoterica
Blue Ram BASIC 1.1 Blue Ram BASIC 1.1         Perkins Engineering
Bowling Bowling     Images   Astrocade Inc
Clowns/Brickyard Clowns/Brickyard     Images   Bally
Conan the Barbarian Conan the Barbarian     Images   Astrocade Inc
Cosmic Raiders Cosmic Raiders     Images   Astrocade Inc
Creative Crayon Creative Crayon     Images   Astrocade Inc
Dealer Demo Dealer Demo         Bally
Dogpatch Dogpatch     Images   Astrovision Inc
Elementary Math/Bingo Math Elementary Math/Bingo Math     Images   Bally
Football Football     Images   Bally
Galactic Invasion Galactic Invasion     Images   Astrovision Inc
Galaxian Galaxian         Astrovision Inc
Grand Prix Grand Prix     Images   Astrovision Inc
Gunfight/Checkmate/Calculator/Scribbling Gunfight/Checkmate/Calculator/Scribbling         Bally
ICBM Attack ICBM Attack         Spectre Systems
Incredible Wizard, The Incredible Wizard, The   Review Images   Astrocade Inc
Letter Match/Spell Letter Match/Spell 'n Score/Crosswords     Images   Bally
Machine Language Manager Machine Language Manager         Bit Fiddlers
Mazeman Mazeman        
Ms Candyman Ms Candyman         L & M Software
Muncher Muncher        
Music Maker Music Maker     Images   Astrocade Inc
Panzer Attack/Red Baron Panzer Attack/Red Baron     Images   Bally
Pirate Pirate's Chase     Images   Astrocade Inc
Sea Devil Sea Devil         L & M Software
Seawolf/Bombardier Seawolf/Bombardier         Bally
Seawolf/Missile Seawolf/Missile     Images   Bally
Sneaky Snake Sneaky Snake         New Image
Soccer Soccer     Images   Astrocade Inc
Solar Conquerer Solar Conquerer     Images   Astrocade Inc
Space Fortress Space Fortress     Images   Astrovision Inc
Space Invaders Space Invaders         Bally
Star Battle Star Battle     Images   Bally
Tornado Baseball/Tennis/Hockey/Handball Tornado Baseball/Tennis/Hockey/Handball     Images   Bally
Treasure Cove Treasure Cove         Esoterica