Apple Apple II Games

  Title Codes Review Images Answers Publisher
Talon Talon        
Tangled Tales Tangled Tales        
Tass Times In Tonetown Tass Times In Tonetown        
Taxman Taxman        
Taxman 2 Taxman 2        
Teleport Teleport        
Temple of Apshai Trilogy Temple of Apshai Trilogy     Images  
Ten Little Indians Ten Little Indians        
Test Drive Test Drive     Images   Accolade
Tetris Tetris        
Tetris 2 Tetris 2        
The Wrath of Denethenor The Wrath of Denethenor     Images   Sierra On-Line
Thexder Thexder        
Thief Thief        
Third Courier, The (GS) Third Courier, The (GS)     Images   Accolade
Threshold Threshold        
Thunderbombs Thunderbombs        
Time Machine Time Machine        
Time Tunnels Time Tunnels        
Time Zone Time Zone        
Times Of Lore Times Of Lore     Images  
Tracer Sanction Tracer Sanction        
Track & Field Track & Field     Images   Atarisoft
Transwarp IIe Transwarp IIe        
Transylvania Transylvania     Images  
Transylvania 2: The Crimson Crown Transylvania 2: The Crimson Crown        
Trinity Trinity     Images   Infocom
Tubeway Tubeway        
Tunnel Adventure Tunnel Adventure        
Twin Kingdom Valley Twin Kingdom Valley        
Two On Two GS Two On Two GS