Apple Apple II Games

  Title Codes Review Images Answers Publisher
Sands Of Egypt, The Sands Of Egypt, The        
Sargon II Sargon II     Images  
Saturn 3 Saturn 3        
Sea Dragon Sea Dragon        
Sea Fox Sea Fox        
Seastalker Seastalker     Images   Infocom
Secret Agent Secret Agent        
Secret Of Kublaih Secret Of Kublaih        
Serpent Serpent's Star        
Serpentine Serpentine        
Seven Cities of Gold, The Seven Cities of Gold, The     Images   Electronic Arts
Shadowgate Shadowgate        
Shard Of Spring, The Shard Of Spring, The        
Sherlock: The Riddle Of The Crown Jewels Sherlock: The Riddle Of The Crown Jewels        
Sherwood Forest Sherwood Forest        
Short Circuit Short Circuit        
Sid Meier Sid Meier's Pirates! (GS)     Images Answers
Sinbad GS Sinbad GS        
Situation Critical Situation Critical        
Skyfox Skyfox        
Sn0ggle Sn0ggle        
Snack Attack Snack Attack        
Snake Byte Snake Byte        
Snapper Snapper        
Sneakers Sneakers        
Softporn Adventure Softporn Adventure        
Sorcerer Sorcerer        
Sorcerer Of Claymorgue Castle Sorcerer Of Claymorgue Castle        
Space Kadet Space Kadet        
Space Quarks Space Quarks        
Space Quest II: Vohaul Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge     Images  
SpaceFox SpaceFox        
Spare Change Spare Change        
Spellbreaker Spellbreaker     Images   Infocom
Spider Mountain Spider Mountain        
Spider-Man Spider-Man        
Spy Hunter Spy Hunter        
Spy Spy's Demise        
Standing Stones Standing Stones        
Star Blazer Star Blazer        
Star Maze Star Maze        
Star Thief Star Thief        
Starcross Starcross     Images   Infocom
Stargate Stargate     Images   Atarisoft
Stationfall Stationfall        
Steen Der Wijzen Steen Der Wijzen        
Stellar 7 Stellar 7        
Stoneville Manor Stoneville Manor        
Strike Fleet Strike Fleet        
Succession Succession        
Summer Games Summer Games     Images   Epyx
Summer Games II Summer Games II     Images   Epyx
Super Boulder Dash Super Boulder Dash     Images   Electronic Arts
Super Bunny Super Bunny        
Super Puckman Super Puckman        
Suspect Suspect     Images   Infocom
Suspended Suspended        
Swashbuckler Swashbuckler     Images