3DO 3DO Games

  Title Codes Review Images Answers Publisher
20th Century Almanac 20th Century Almanac         3DO
3D Atlas 3D Atlas         Electronic Arts
3DO Hardware 3DO Hardware         3DO
Alone In The Dark Alone In The Dark         Interplay
Alone In The Dark 2 Alone In The Dark 2         Interplay
Ballz: The Director Ballz: The Director's Cut         P.F. Magic
Battle Chess Battle Chess         Interplay
Battlesport Battlesport         Acclaim
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon        
BladeForce BladeForce         3DO
Brain Dead 13 Brain Dead 13         Philips
Burning Soldier Burning Soldier         Pack-In-Video
Bust-A-Move Bust-A-Move         Taito
C.P.U. Bach C.P.U. Bach         MicroProse
Cannon Fodder Cannon Fodder         Virgin Interactive
Captain Quazar Captain Quazar        
Casper Casper         Interplay
Corpse Killer Corpse Killer         Acclaim
Crash Crash 'n' Burn     Images   Crystal Dynamics
Creature Shock Creature Shock         Data East
Crime Patrol Crime Patrol         American Laser Games
Cyberdillo Cyberdillo        
Cyberia Cyberia         Interplay
D D        
Daedalus Encounter, The Daedalus Encounter, The        
Deathkeep Deathkeep         SSI
Defcon 5 Defcon 5         Data East
Demolition Man Demolition Man         Virgin Games
Doctor Hauzer Doctor Hauzer         River Hill Software
Doom Doom         ID Software
Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins         Mindscape
Dragons Lair Dragons Lair         Readysoft
Drug Wars Drug Wars       Answers American Laser Games
Escape From Monster Manor Escape From Monster Manor         Electronic Arts
Fatty Bear Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise     Images  
Fatty Bear Fatty Bear's Fun Pack     Images Answers
FIFA International Soccer FIFA International Soccer         EA Victor
Flashback: The Quest For Identity Flashback: The Quest For Identity         EA Victor
Flying Nightmares Flying Nightmares        
Foes Of Ali Foes Of Ali        
Game Guru Game Guru       Answers
Gex Gex         Crystal Dynamics
Goldstar 3DO Console Goldstar 3DO Console         3DO
Gridders Gridders         3DO
Guardian War Guardian War         Micro Cabin
Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller        
Horde, The Horde, The         Vise
Immercenary Immercenary        
Incredible Machine, The Incredible Machine, The        
Jammit Jammit        
John Madden Football John Madden Football         Electronic Arts
Johnny Bazookatone Johnny Bazookatone        
Jurassic Park Interactive Jurassic Park Interactive        
Kakinoki Shogi Kakinoki Shogi        
Killing Time Killing Time        
Kingdom: The Far Reaches Kingdom: The Far Reaches        
Lemmings Lemmings        
Lost Eden Lost Eden        
Lost Files Of Sherlock Holmes, The Lost Files Of Sherlock Holmes, The        
Lucienne Lucienne's Quest        
Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold        
Mad Dog McCree Mad Dog McCree     Images   American Laser Games
Mazer Mazer        
Mega Race Mega Race         Mindscape
Microcosm Microcosm        
Myst Myst        
Need For Speed, The Need For Speed, The        
Night Trap Night Trap        
Off-World Interceptor Off-World Interceptor        
Out Of This World Out Of This World        
Oyaji Hunter Mahjong Oyaji Hunter Mahjong        
Panzer General Panzer General        
PaTaank PaTaank        
Peter Pan: A Story Painting Adventure Peter Pan: A Story Painting Adventure        
PGA Tour PGA Tour '96        
Phoenix 3 Phoenix 3        
Plumbers Don Plumbers Don't Wear Ties        
PO PO'ed        
Primal Rage Primal Rage        
Psychic Detective Psychic Detective        
Putt Putt Putt Putt's Fun Pack     Images  
Putt-Putt Joins The Parade Putt-Putt Joins The Parade     Images   Humongous Entertainment
Quarantine Quarantine        
Quarterback Attack Quarterback Attack        
Rebel Assault Rebel Assault        
Return Fire Return Fire        
Return Fire: Maps Of Death Return Fire: Maps Of Death        
Rise Of The Robots Rise Of The Robots        
Road Rash Road Rash     Images   Electronic Arts
Robinsons Requiem Robinsons Requiem       Answers
Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 4 Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 4        
Sampler Sampler         3DO
Samurai Shodown Samurai Shodown        
Scramble Cobra Scramble Cobra        
Seal Of The Pharoah Seal Of The Pharoah        
SHADOW: War Of Succession SHADOW: War Of Succession        
Shanghai: Triple-Threat Shanghai: Triple-Threat        
Shelley Duvall Shelley Duvall's It's a Bird's Life        
Shockwave 2: Beyond The Gate Shockwave 2: Beyond The Gate        
Shockwave: Invasion Earth Shockwave: Invasion Earth        
Shockwave: Operation Jumpgate Shockwave: Operation Jumpgate        
Slam Slam 'n' Jam '95        
Slayer Slayer        
Snow Job Snow Job        
Soccer Kid Soccer Kid        
Space Ace Space Ace        
Space Hulk Space Hulk        
Space Pirates Space Pirates        
Star Control 2 Star Control 2        
Star Fighter Star Fighter       Answers
Starblade Starblade        
Stellar 7: Draxon Stellar 7: Draxon's Revenge        
Strahl Strahl        
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo        
Super Wing Commander Super Wing Commander        
Supreme Warrior Supreme Warrior        
Syndicate Syndicate        
The Coven The Coven         Vivid Video
Theme Park Theme Park        
Total Eclipse Total Eclipse     Images  
Trip Trip'd        
Twisted: The Game Show Twisted: The Game Show     Images  
Ultraman Powered Ultraman Powered        
VR Stalker VR Stalker        
Way Of The Warrior Way Of The Warrior        
Wicked 18 Wicked 18        
Wing Commander 3: Heart Of The Tiger Wing Commander 3: Heart Of The Tiger        
Winning Post Winning Post        
Wolfenstein 3D Wolfenstein 3D        
Worldbuilders, Inc. Worldbuilders, Inc.     Images  
Yu Yu Hakuso Yu Yu Hakuso       Answers
Zhadnost: The People Zhadnost: The People's Party