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Different versions of the 3DO multiplayer exist, as it was made by a few manufacturers. In the United States, Panasonic would manufacture the first 3DO system, known as the FZ-1, which is a front loading machine. GoldStar would also make a front loading version later on. However, the initial $699 retail price helped to keep adoption of the system low. While the 3DO was struggling to gain marketshare in the latter part of its life, Panasonic made a top loading version, the FZ-10. The FZ-10 is considered the most durable because of its simpler top loading layout.

Creative Labs also made a computer upgrade kit that allowed 3DO games to be played on your PC.

Matsushita Electric, parent of Panasonic, purchased the 64-bit M2 technology from 3DO, which could be offered as a standalone system or as an upgrade to existing 3DO systems with the expansion slot.  However, Matsushita would decide not to pursue the venture and the M2 never made it to production.

Konami did attempt to use an arcade board based on the M2 architecture, but because of the horrid latency problems related to the fact that all games were loaded from a 2x CD-ROM drive, the architecture was not used for very long in the arcade business.


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  • Samurai Shodown
  • Super Street Fighter II
  • Gex
  • Return Fire
  • Johnny Bazookatone
  • Road Rash
  • Wing Commander III
  • ShockWave series