NEC Turbo Grafx Games

  Title Codes Review Images Answers Publisher
Aero Blasters Aero Blasters   Review Images  
Air Zonk Air Zonk     Images   TTI (Turbo Technologies Inc)
Alien Crush Alien Crush     Images   NEC
Andre Panza Andre Panza        
Ballistix Ballistix         Psygnosis
Battle Royale Battle Royale     Images   NEC
Blazing Lazers Blazing Lazers     Images   NEC
Bloody Wolf Bloody Wolf     Images  
Bomberman Bomberman        
Bomberman Bomberman '93     Images  
Bonk 3: Bonk Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure         NEC
Bonk Bonk's Adventure     Images   NEC
Bonk Bonk's Revenge         NEC
Boxyboy Boxyboy        
Bravoman Bravoman        
Cadash Cadash        
Champions Forever Boxing Champions Forever Boxing     Images  
Chase H.Q. Chase H.Q.        
Chew-Man-Fu Chew-Man-Fu        
China Warrior China Warrior        
Creator Maze Creator Maze        
Cyber-core Cyber-core        
Darkwing Duck Darkwing Duck        
Davis Cup Davis Cup        
Dead Moon Dead Moon         T.S.S.
Deep Blue Deep Blue        
Devils Crush Devils Crush        
Double Dungeons Double Dungeons     Images  
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer        
Dragon Spirit Dragon Spirit         NEC
Dragons Curse Dragons Curse        
Drop Off Drop Off        
Dungeon Explorer Dungeon Explorer     Images Answers Hudson Soft
Falcon Falcon       Answers
Fantasy Zone Fantasy Zone        
Final Lap Twin Final Lap Twin     Images  
Galaga Galaga '90         NEC
Ghost Manor Ghost Manor        
Gunboat Gunboat         NEC
Hit the Ice Hit the Ice        
Impossamole Impossamole     Images  
J.J.  and  Jeff J.J. and Jeff     Images   NEC
Jack Chan Jack Chan's Action Kung-Fu        
Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf        
Keith Courage In Alpha Zones Keith Courage In Alpha Zones     Images   NEC
King of Casino King of Casino        
Klax Klax        
Legend of Hero Tonma Legend of Hero Tonma        
Legendary Axe Legendary Axe     Images   Victory Musical Industries
Legendary Axe II Legendary Axe II        
Magical Chase Magical Chase        
Military Madness Military Madness     Images   NEC
Monster Lair Monster Lair         NEC
Moto Roader Moto Roader         NEC
Neutopia Neutopia         NEC
Neutopia II Neutopia II     Images   Hudson Soft
New Adventure Island New Adventure Island        
Night Creatures Night Creatures     Images   NEC
Ninja Spirit Ninja Spirit     Images   NEC
Order of the Griffon Order of the Griffon        
Ordyne Ordyne        
Pac-Land Pac-Land     Images  
Parasol Stars Parasol Stars        
Power Golf Power Golf        
Psychosis Psychosis        
R-Type R-Type     Images  
Raiden Trad Raiden Trad        
Samurai Ghost Samurai Ghost        
Shockman Shockman        
Sidearms Sidearms     Images  
Silent Debuggers Silent Debuggers        
Sinistron Sinistron Codes   Images   Information Global Services
Soldier Blade Soldier Blade        
Somer Assault Somer Assault        
Sonic Spike Sonic Spike        
Space Harrier Space Harrier     Images  
Splatterhouse Splatterhouse Codes Review     Namco
Super Star Soldier Super Star Soldier        
Super Volleyball Super Volleyball        
Tailspin Tailspin        
Takin Takin' it to the Hoop        
Tiger Road Tiger Road        
Time Cruse Time Cruse        
Timeball Timeball        
Tricky Kick Tricky Kick        
TurboBooster TurboBooster         NEC
TurboExpress console TurboExpress console         NEC
TurboGrafx console TurboGrafx console         NEC
TurboTap TurboTap         NEC
TurboVision TurboVision     Images   NEC
Turrican Turrican        
TV Sports Basketball TV Sports Basketball     Images  
TV Sports Football TV Sports Football         NEC
TV Sports Hockey TV Sports Hockey        
Valis III Valis III         NEC
Veigues Tactical Gladiator Veigues Tactical Gladiator        
Victory Run Victory Run     Images   NEC
Vigilante Vigilante     Images   NEC
World Class Baseball World Class Baseball        
World Court Tennis World Court Tennis        
World Sports Competition World Sports Competition        
Yo Yo'Bro