Sega 32X Games

  Title Codes Review Images Answers Publisher
32X Console 32X Console         Sega
36 Great Holes: Starring Fred Couples 36 Great Holes: Starring Fred Couples         Sega
After Burner After Burner     Images   Sega
B.C. Racers B.C. Racers        
Blackthorne Blackthorne         Interplay
Brutal, Above the Claw Brutal, Above the Claw         GameTek
Corpse Killer Corpse Killer         Sega
Cosmic Carnage Cosmic Carnage         Sega
Doom Doom Codes Review Images   ID Software
Fahrenheit Fahrenheit         Sega
Knuckles Chaotix Knuckles Chaotix     Images   Sega
Kolibri Kolibri   Review Images   Sega
Metal Head Metal Head   Review Images   Sega
Mortal Kombat 2 Mortal Kombat 2     Images   Acclaim
Motocross Championship Motocross Championship         Sega
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition NBA Jam: Tournament Edition         Acclaim
NFL Quarterback Club NFL Quarterback Club         Acclaim
Night Trap Night Trap     Images   3DO
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure         Activision
Primal Rage Primal Rage         Atari
RBI Baseball RBI Baseball '95        
Shadow Squadron Shadow Squadron   Review Images   Sega
Slam City Slam City        
Space Harrier Space Harrier         Sega
Spider-Man: Web Of Fire Spider-Man: Web Of Fire       Answers Sega
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Star Trek: Starfleet Academy     Images   Sega
Star Wars Arcade Star Wars Arcade   Review Images   Sega
Supreme Warrior Supreme Warrior        
T-Mek T-Mek   Review     Interplay
Tempo Tempo         Sega
Toughman Contest Toughman Contest         Electronic Arts
Virtua Fighter Virtua Fighter     Images   Sega
Virtua Racing Deluxe Virtua Racing Deluxe     Images   Sega
WWF Raw WWF Raw         Acclaim
WWF Wrestlemania WWF Wrestlemania         Sega
Zaxxon Motherbase 2000 Zaxxon Motherbase 2000         Sega