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There were two versions of the Super Nintendo produced for the American market. The first version of the system is pictured below, and features a much more boxy shape than the second version. The second version of the Super Nintendo was produced later in the SNES's life, and has buttons with a more rounded shape.


Processor: 16-Bit CPU
Speed: 3.58, 2.68, and 1.79 Mhz
RAM: 128 Kb
VRAM: 16Kb
Graphics Resolution: 512x448
Color Palette: 32,678
Colors On-Screen, Simultaneously: 256
Other Facts:
Sound Processor: 8-Bit, producing 16-Bit sound
Number of Sound Channels: 8
Maximum Sprites per screen: 128
Maximum Sprites per line: 32
Maximum Sprite size: 64x64
Minimum Sprite size: 8x8

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