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wheres a place that would buy sega genesis games?
8/27/2004 11:17:23 AM

(posted: 11/18/2004 9:17:18 AM) Now that many of the major retailers have stopped selling Genesis games (EB, GameStop, Etc), it's difficult to say without knowing which area you are writing from. In the midwest, McVan's still buys / sells old games, and there are quite a few other used game retailers - mostly mom 'n' pop shops. There are also online sources, like GameDude, or other locations like that. If you're going to sell your game online though, you just can't beat eBay. You might also want to check out the Buy / Sell / Trade section of this site as well. See if you can get your game traded for something that you really want.

I have a Genisis 3 console and I bought the special cable that lets me have full stereo. However....... all I can get is one chanel. How can I get the stereo effect I'd like???
8/22/2011 4:34:16 PM

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