Inside the Astrocade Catalog

Buy This Item I was recently lucky enough to acquire a mint condition Bally Astrocade catalog, copyrighted 1982. It's a fascinating document, not only for the artwork and screenshots of all the first-party titles at the time, but also for the several pages showcasing games that were never officially released. There is an order form at the end with which you could purchase games and hardware, including the never-released Z Grass 100 keyboard add-on.

The Astrocade never really caught on, and many collectors don't even own one now (I think the funky controllers probably turned a lot of people off). The game selection certainly wasn't too bad, featuring versions of many popular arcade titles (Incredible Wizard (Wizard of Wor), Star Battle (Star Wars), Solar Conqueror (Asteroids) are a few examples) as well as unique concepts like Biorhythm and a full version of BASIC. Unfinished projects like Creative Crayon and Music Maker showed that the Astrocade was attempting to blaze a few trails of its own. Presented here is the complete catalog for your viewing pleasure.

Click on any of these images to view the catalog pages:

Front Cover

Page 2: System Overview

Page 3: Astrocade BASIC

Page 4: Incredible Wizard

Page 5: Creative Crayon (unreleased)

Page 6: Bowling (unreleased)

Page 7: Space Fortress

Page 8: Galactic Invasion

Page 9: Astro Battle

Page 10: Star Battle

Page 11: Astrocade Pinball

Page 12: 280 Zzzap/Dodgem

Page 13: Dog Patch

Page 14: Grand Prix/Demolition Derby

Page 15: Football

Page 16: Tornado Baseball / Tennis / Handball / Hockey

Page 17: Amazing Maze/Tic-Tac-Toe

Page 18: Blackjack/Poker/Acey-Deucey

Page 19: Red Baron/Panzer Attack

Page 20: Seawolf/Missile

Page 21: Brickyard/Clowns

Page 22: Letter Match/Spell ‘n Score/Crosswords

Page 23: Speed Math/Bingo Math

Page 24: Biorhythm

Page 25: Pirate’s Chase

Page 26: Artillery Duel

Page 27: Cosmic Raiders

Page 28: Solar Conquerer

Page 29: Music Maker (unreleased)

Page 30: Conan the Barbarian (unreleased)

Page 31: Soccer

Order Form (Front—includes unreleased games and hardware)

Order Form (Back)
Back Cover
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Anonymous, 10/3/2013 4:02:25 AM
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you remember those o
you remember those ones too ! the wine is still aunord (sometimes) the round table still aunord and the smoke i want it to be aunord but i feel sick every time i do damn it!(by the way, i found you on Etsy!! my etsy is coming up soon

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