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Well folks, I've added the following systems to the database:

While I was at it, you'll notice that I completed the FAQ edit screen, and changed up the game information screen a bit - have a look!

What FAQ editing means to you: you can make a FAQ one level at a time, and add to it as you go - get the points now, and make the the FAQ as you go.  This can help you win contests, and also can serve as your "scratch pad" for FAQ writing. 

Please welcome an important sponsor:  Look at the top of virtually any screen, and you'll see that the fine folks at AT&T have been so kind as to sponsor the site!  Tell them hello.  Buy a cell phone. Let them know that I sent you!


It looks like the Neo Geo folks have gotten around to publishing a web site - have a look

Some author (Robert Crais) is mad at Activision - so he filed suit.  It's about the True Crime series.

It's one thirty, I'm going to bed. Happy Friday, folks.

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