Sony's PlayStation 4 Releases Today!

PlayStation 4

At long last, Sony's PlayStation 4 is releasing this week.  With over a million preordered, and an expected 5 million to be sold by March, there's no doubt that the PS4 launch is going to be absolutely huge.


PlayStation 4 is capable of 1.84 teraflops of total computations, thanks to an an 8 core AMD CPU and an AMD GPU using AMD's Graphics Core Next.  The PlayStation 4's graphics power looks to be in the "mid range" when compared to the GPUs available in a game PC, but the GPU has some special optimizations, and the machine features a unified memory architecture, something that PCs lack.  Sony's AMD GPU uses 1,152 shaders for PS4 (the high end PC card, the Radeon 7970, has 2,048 cores).  The PlayStation 4 is also has a Blu Ray drive.  The PS4 will use 8GB of GDDR5 - an incredibly fast variety of RAM, and at a full 8GB, there's plenty of space there for game developers to grow their games.  The hardware itself is not backward compatible with the PS3, however a new streaming service that Sony owns (Gaikai) will be used in the future to stream older games to the system.

PS 4

The PS4 controller sports a light on top for Move support, and a touchpad in the middle of the controller to enable "mouse" support in apps, or to have functionality very similar to the Vita's back touch screen.  There's also a Share button on the controller, to enable users to share video clips with the world without interrupting their game.  The PlayStation 4's controller upgrade represents the first large set of changes to the controller since the introduction of Dual Shock in 1998 (in America - in Japan, Dual Shock was released in 1997).

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4



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