6 Billion, 999 Million+ People Have Not Pre Ordered PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

Yesterday at GamesCom 2013, Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 has exceeded 1 Million preorders for the PlayStation 4. 

This is a number impressive enough to include in a press conference about the PlayStation 4's upcoming launch, and it means that PS4 is already comparable with TOTAL units sold for the Wii U.  As of late July's release of financial results for Nintendo, the Wii U has only sold through a total of 3.61 million units, meaning that the PlayStation 4 has 28% of Wii U's market share already, and it won't be out for months. 

This is certainly a comfort to small developers relying on the PlayStation 4's marketshare to make their 2013 Holiday sales bright and cheery.  Sony made a fantastic effort to showcase these games at their Gamescom conference yesterday.

But would these indie developers be better off developing their games for Android or iPhone?  Tough to say from a sales standpoint, but from a market penetration standpoint, there's just no question.  In 2012 alone, Samsung shipped 215+ million smartphones, and Apple shipped 135+ million smartphones.  Market observers have been rightfully concerned that there is no longer a console market to be "won", that consumers have moved on to smartphones and other mobile products.  While the momentum for products like the Playstation 4 looks really promising, the new reality of the marketplace shouldn't be brushed aside based on one data point alone. 

While the sales number has generated conversation, the Internet's biggest video game fans don't know what to make of the number.  The opaque nature of the industry makes fact finding for earlier pre-release numbers next to impossible, with release weekend sales dominating the conversation.  If Sony is able to meet demand for the system (in both preorders and in-store sales), they'll almost certainly have one of the biggest console launches in the history of the industry.  If they can only stock enough to meet preorder demand, the number looks a lot less impressive.

During Gamescom 2013, several launch details were announced for the PlayStation 4, including new controller colors, a release date of November 15, and the launch lineup for the system was detailed.  The lagging Playstation Vita was also given a price cut, effective today, to $199 (from $249).

Watch a video of the entire PlayStation press conference below:

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