NVidia Shows off Project SHIELD In Videos

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Nvidia has been quietly releasing videos every week for Project Shield, their Tegra 4 based portable system they're releasing late in the second quarter (this Summer).  If you're not aware, Project Shield is an Xbox controller-like portable game system, running the Android OS, on a Tegra 4 processor.  It's being touted as not only a top-of-class portable system, but a portable with the unique ability to stream PC games from either the PC in your house, or through the NVidia Grid (a cloud based game service).   These games stream across to the device in their native high resolution, high detail settings, and play without (much) lag.

Below is the Project SHIELD system running Assasin's Creed 3 from a nearby PC.

Some of the concerns with the Project Shield system are cost and latency.  NVidia has not released the price of the system, and they're not likely to introduce the Project SHIELD as a loss leader, as they don't earn comission on game sales, and they don't have agreements in place with cell phone providers to subsidise the cost of the system. 

When streaming PC games to the Project SHIELD, it's entirely possible that some players will notice the delays in game play introduced by transmitting the picture and controller information over the network (lag).  Additionally, some users have expressed concern about the potential difficulty in using the system when streaming PC games.  Each game has to have controller support, and that support has to be configured before playing on the device.  Likewise, since the PC has to be on and cannot be used for other tasks while controlling a game remotely using the Shield.

Below, you can see the NVidia Project SHIELD running Need For Speed Most Wanted.

When the Project SHIELD runs Android games on the other hand, game play will be quite snappy and responsive.  Likewise, given the Tegra 4 chip in the machine, you can expect the Project SHIELD to absolutely demolish current Android titles.  The video below shows what you can expect running the game Burn Zombie Burn- smooth game play all around.  

 What do you think - can the Project SHIELD be a success?

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Anonymous, 10/2/2013 11:28:28 PM
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