RIP Beastie Boy Adam MCA Yauch

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Today the world has lost musical pioneer Adam "MCA" Yauch, founder of the instantly-recognizable Beastie Boys. Hearing such sad news is never easy, but it does gives us an opportunity to recall fond memories of Mr. Yauch's truly unique work. The Beastie Boys accomplishments transcended the music industry and even gained them celebrity in the gaming world.

Back in the mid '90s, Midway games released NBA Jam Tournament Edition (NBA Jam T.E.) which was so full of easter eggs it made the Easter Bunny faint. Among the wild cast of unlockable characters were none other than Adam “MCA” Yauch and his fellow Beastie Boys. In order to unlock Mr. Yauch the player needed to enter a different code depending on the particular system. The Beastie Boys were featured in each edition of the game including on the PC, Sega 32X, Sega Game Gear, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn, and Sony Playstation.

The Beastie Boys made their triumphant return to the court as playable characters in NBA Street V3, developed and released by EA Games in 2004. NBA Street V3 also included Beastie Boys hit “An Open Letter To NYC” on the soundtrack – a song from their sixth album “To the 5 Boroughs” which Adam “MCA” Yauch wrote and produced.

But hold on, there are plenty more Beastie Boy cameos where those came from...

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