Classic Games Get Rebuilt and Re-imagined At E3 2010



In case you missed it, the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year was simply dominated by remakes of classic arcade and console titles.  Console gamers will be treated to an avalanche of fantastic classic game remakes.

NBA Jam - "OH MY!"  The arcade classic NBA Jam is coming soon for the Nintendo Wii.  It's an absolute blast to play, and really brings home the feel of the original.  NBA Jam brought the ferocious pace of the Arcade to home systems on the PlayStation, and now on the  Wii.  Honestly, I'd love to see NBA Jam brought to all of the consoles, with the addition of online play.  My brother and I played the PlayStation version of NBA Jam almost until our fingers bled.

Mortal Kombat - The classic play of the original series is back in Mortal Kombat.  The game play has been locked to a 2D plane although all of the fighters and backgrounds are in full 3D.  Mortal Kombat features an "XRay" move, which allows you to see your punches and kicks breaking the bones of your opponent during key parts of the match.  Fatalities make an M Rated return as well, ranging from Kung Lao's buzzsaw fatality to Shiva's "edible" fatality.  This newest version of Mortal Kombat returns to the fun of the original 2.

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Kirby's Epic Yarn - The newest Kirby game is probably the most changed from its roots on the NES.  Kirby is now made of yarn, and while he still changes shape, he's got some new abilities, like being able to extend a yarn arm to grab onto things or to swing around.  The game also seems a bit slower paced than in previous iterations, but is fun and completely smooth, even at this stage of development.  Check out our full preview of Kirby right here.

Hydro Thunder (Xbox 360 Arcade) - Hydro Thunder hasn't changed much from iteration to iteration, and the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game is no exception.  Still, Hydro Thunder offers fast jet-fueled boating action, arial maneuvers, and tight turns.  It's set to please any fan of the series.

Game Party: In Motion for Kinect features a remake of Root Beer Tapper in addition to 15 other minigames.  While I had issues with Root Beer Tapper, it's interesting to note that the IP hasn't been forgotten.  Click here for our impressions of Root Beer Tapper.

Metroid: The Other M - Remember Super Metroid?  Well it turns out that at long last, so does Nintendo.  Metroid: The Other M looks to bring a mix of 2D and 3D action, but focused mostly on the 2D.  You can switch to the 3D mode for shooting segments, so the Metroid Prime way of playing is still there on occasion.  The look and feel of the game is fantastic.  Hopes are high for this remake!

Read on about more classic games reborn - Zelda, Golden Eye, and more!  Next Page!

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larsoncc, 6/22/2010 12:38:19 AM
Score: 0  

You seriously wouldn't believe the level of cool games that are coming out this year and early next year for fans of classic games.  It's fantastic.

Dirty, 6/22/2010 8:43:41 AM
Score: 0  
I might have to buy a Wii just so we can play NBA Jam!

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