DOOM II Released on XBox Live Arcade - Has New Levels


Have an extra $10 laying around?  Want a pixelated mess from 1995?  Well, has Bethesda got something for you!

Just kidding, you know as well as I do that everyone loves the DOOM series, and DOOM II just got some love for Xbox owners.  You can now download DOOM II for the Xbox 360 for 800 points, and it's been revamped.  Check out the new features (from the announcement):  

DOOM II expanded upon the white-knuckle excitement of the original DOOM with an amazing assortment of additional weapons, monsters, and carnage-filled environments. Now available via Xbox LIVE Arcade, players will be able to download and relive all of the heart-pounding action of this classic PC title – now complete with 5.1 Surround Sound, HD display, never before seen Achievements, multi-player, and co-op over LIVE! The game can be purchased via Xbox LIVE Arcade for 800 points.

DOOM II Includes: 

·         32 new levels

·         Six new enemies

·         New, never-before-seen bonus chapter

·         Intense death match action (up to 4 players via split screen or over Xbox LIVE)

Doom II  (Macintosh) | Doom II: Hell on Earth  (PC) |

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