All My Robot Friends Know It's My Birthday

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Every year, I take my birthday off of work... It's the 32nd Annual Festival of Some Old Guy. Upon getting up at the crack of 11, I heard the beeping of my cell phone. I immediately thought that it was work calling - a sometimes necessary, but never welcome, evil on my days off. Nope! My cell was just reminding me to have a wonderful birthday.

Looking through the house this morning, I discovered that my wife had left - she took time out of her day to visit the DMV for me (is she the coolest or what??), so it was just me, the pets, and my machines. The cavalcade of machines blooping in favor of my "special day" hasn't stopped since I got up!

I'm now pretty curious about how many of my devices "know" that it's my birthday - if you know of anything cool, please post comments... I want to check it out. Here's what I have discovered so far:
  • Starting up my Xbox 360, a little advert popped up on screen to remind me that it was "Free Texas Hold Em" day on Marketplace... So, happy birthday to me from Microsoft!
  • My cell phone let me know, as posted above.
  • I thought my Nintendo DS was broken at first, but as it turns out, it has special startup music for you on your birthday!
  • Worth1000, Fedora Forums, and Neo-Geo forums automatically wished me Happy Birthday this morning.
  • Stores automatically sent me discount cards...
But the point is - I've got some 600 games... Which ones will know its my birthday? I've heard that Animal Crossing knows, but I haven't tested that out. So, post if you know of any of our other robotic buddies with pre-programmed good intentions.
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Anonymous, 8/23/2006 12:35:38 PM
Score: 0  
did you rtry pictochat? happy birthday
basscomm, 8/23/2006 1:36:29 PM
Score: 0  
Hey, happy birthday, man!

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