Press Release: FlatOut 2 HD Trailer & Playable at E3

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FlatOut 2 HD trailer takes destruction to new heights & FlatOut 2 playable
at E3

2nd May 2006, Helsinki, Finland: Bugbear Entertainment Ltd. today announced
the availability of the High Definition (HD) trailer for their forthcoming
title FlatOut 2 slated for summer release on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC
CD-ROM. FlatOut 2 is playable for the first time by general public at the E3
tradeshow in Los Angeles from 10th to 12th of May 2006 at the Nordic booth
(West hall, booth #2352).

With the sales of FlatOut closing in on the one million mark FlatOut has
firmly established itself as a top action racing title on consoles and PC.
Previews of FlatOut 2, slated for release this summer, have highlighted the
games leading physics engine, unparalled destruction, highly addictive
racing and humorous ragdoll stunt events. FlatOut 2 is now ready for
primetime! The game hits the E3 showfloor and is playable for the first time
by the general public, press and trade.

FlatOut 2 is playable at the Nordic Booth (West Hall, booth #2352) during
the E3 tradeshow from Wednesday 10th to Friday 12th of May 2006.

Positioned as the most destructive action racing game on the consoles and
PC, FlatOut 2's unique strengths and leading physics engine are amazingly
higlighted in the FlatOut 2 HD trailer now available at Bugbear's website.
Composed of pure in-game footage the trailer shows for real where the state
of the art is with racing games and delivers a punch like no other racer!

About Bugbear Entertainment:
Bugbear Entertainment Ltd. is an award-winning Finnish game developer
concentrating on immersive and advanced racing games, whose games have sold
over 1,5 million units to date. The company's worldwide blockbuster is the
highly innovative 'FlatOut' on Playstation 2 R, Xbox R and PC CD with close
to one million units sold worldwide. Bugbear's international breakthrough
was the critically acclaimed 'Rally Trophy' in 2001, which was followed with
'Tough Trucks' in 2003. The N-Gage exclusive story-driven arcade racer
'Glimmerati' was released in 2005 to rave reviews placing it as the top
driving game on the whole platform. The company is currently working on
FlatOut 2 and other unannounced console, handheld and PC projects. For more
information please visit

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