pixelSHREDDER's Take:Those Who Live in Glass Houses....

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And now for something completely different....

Here goes my latest scheme for combining my passion for writing and my passion for laziness- a segment I call pixelSHREDDER's Take (for now- expect a name change). Everytime I see a piece of juicy news worth reporting on, rather than just slap it up verbatim, I'll be spicing it up a bit, by throwing in some colorful commentary. Not a lot colorful commentary, mind you- just a few shreds of my twisted, multicolored brain matter sprinkled on top of the hottest news pizza rolls, then cooked until golden brown and served right into your eye-mouths. Now brace yourself- pixelSHREDDER's Take is here....

The News: According to preliminary reports, Nintendo's final yearly earnings stand to hit a four-year high. This is due in part to strong sales of the Nintendo DS in Japan- the company claims to have already sold 6 million units in Japan, alone, and plans on breaking the 10 million mark in Japan before the end of the year. On top of these staggering sales figures, the fall of the yen has played a large role in the boosted profits, as exchange rates have jumped from 110 yen to the dollar and 135 yen to the euro, to 117.47 yen/dollar and 142.81 yen/euro.

My Take: And so the long chain of revenge continues: Nintendo has returned to its former powerhouse status, avenging the bludgeoning its GameCube took in the last console race by Sony's PS2 juggernaut, by using the DS to break Sony's strangehold over the Japanese market and re-assert itself as the leader in the handheld market. Of course, before the PS2 era began there was the matter of the original PlayStation's dominance over the previous generation of consoles- including the Nintendo 64 (and the Sega Saturn- and I'm biting my tongue in half right now to keep from divulging into a Sega rant).

But let's go back even further, back to the days of sixteen bits, of thirty-two x's and three-dee o's. Back then, Sony was the one feeling the scorn of the mighty Nintendo, as they abruptly discontinued development of the planned Super NES CD add-on, a joint project between the two companies, after Sega's rival attachment for their Genesis console proved to be more of a malignant tumor than an expansion unit. Sony decided to continue with their work on their own- and wound up giving birth to the PlayStation, a machine which would go on to secure a position in 90's videogaming to rival that of Nintendo's own NES in the 80's. And Nintendo? They too kept their plans for CD ROM-based gaming alive, throwing their support behind Philips and their upstart CD-i console. And the rest, as they say, is history. Vomit-flavored history.

We could sit here all day and argue about which came first, the Yoshi egg or the Bandicoot, but the bottom line is that the fanboys are always watching- waiting, lurking in the shadows for another license aquisition or earnings re-adjustment. And so long as the videogame industry continues to be the deliciously brutal soap opera that it is today, the fanboys will always have something to whine about. And I personally wouldn't have it any other way. Now, let's get back to the Sega Saturn discussion....

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