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Running Stage Select is (obviously) pretty fun. Sometimes, I get some nice and / or interesting e-mail, and this week, I've had a couple that were pretty good, so I thought I'd share, as the tips I gave may be of some use to others. So, without further ado, first we have an email from Greg. Greg writes:

Hi, i have a question, i have a sega cd with a genesis 2 ( newest one) My genesis powers up but the sega cd has no power i purchased a new power plug and still no juice? Any suggestions on what to try now? My buddy said it worked fine when he sold his genesis? Are the Sega CD's inter changable with the older genseis system? Maybe thats the problem?

Thanks for any help.


You bought a new power supply and it still doesn’t work – my money is on a bad connection between the Genesis and Sega CD, but we’ll want to verify that power supply, too.

Your Sega CD (top loading model) should work just fine with virtually any Genesis (except the Genesis 3, which has no CD edge connector). I’ve never owned the big “slide out tray” version of the Sega CD, so I don’t know if that has any compatibility issues.

OK, here’s a list of things, in progressive order that you should check:

  1. Make sure you’ve connected the correct power adapter to the correct unit. Both the Genesis and the CD-ROM need power.
  2. Make sure that you do NOT have a cart in the Genesis. Heck, you don’t even need a CD in the CD player.
  3. Make sure your Genesis is firmly connected to the Sega CD with that edge connector (on the side of the Genesis and the CD). It’s the Genesis that tells the Sega CD to turn on, so if this connection isn’t established, it won’t work.
  4. If that doesn’t work, clean the connector with some rubbing alcohol.
  5. Make sure your power supply works.
  6. If the power supply is good, then make sure it fits snugly in the jack, and that it’s a 9V (1.2A) power supply.

How do you make sure your power supply works?

Get a multimeter to see if the power supply is actually giving power. They’re only a few bucks at Home Depot and you can use them for a lot of other stuff around the house. You should spend $15 USD or less on one. Again, it is practical to have one of these around, so the money isn’t wasted.

A multimeter is a little box that has a couple of wires coming out of it. It has a dial (or digital settings) to set – this dial specifies if you’re measuring volts or amps (or mA as the case may be, set it to DC V if you see that). To measure how many volts are coming out of your power supply, do the following:

  1. Plug in the power adapter.
  2. Put the black lead from the multimeter into the power supply’s hole. (the round metal tip has a hole) – don’t worry, you won’t get electrocuted.
  3. Put the red lead from the multimeter onto the metal side.
  4. Make sure both leads are touching metal, not plastic.

Your needle (or digital display) should jump to tell you how many volts are coming out of that thing. If it doesn’t move, you’ve got a bum power supply. (if the needle goes backwards, you’ve likely connected your multimeter to the power supply backwards – switch the black and red wires, and you should see it move in the right direction [or your power supply is REALLY messed up!]).

If the needle does move, and your Genesis plays games, you may have a problem elsewhere with your CD unit. You may have a problem with the connection between the Genesis and the unit, as well. Even if the Sega CD is BAD, the “Access” light should blink about 2 seconds after the Genesis is turned on, and it should present the Sega CD screen.


Bill wrote me a great letter about his new Neo Geo MVS (4 slot, just like mine!). What follows is an excerpt of that letter, so I hope that it doesn't come off as confusing. Bill has a few questions about his marquee lights. The Neo Geo has a marquee panel that lights up from the back to show off which 4 games are in the unit. He writes:

My LCD panels don't work quite the way I'd like them to. Mainly.. they are not very bright. Slots 1, 3, and 4 seem to light up fairly well, at varying degrees of brightness.
Slot 2 does not appear to light up at all, but it has a rather dark mini-marquee in front and I do not as of yet have the key to open the top portion of the cabinet, so I cannot remove the marquees yet to check.

Do you know of any ways to replace the LCD panels and retain the 4 individual light functionality? Is it possible to get new LCD panels or replace them with some sort of alternative light? What do you think? Do your panels function properly?

This is a common problem. I don't have an electroluminescent 4 window panel. It's pretty impressive that you do. I have florescent tube backlighting on a 4-panel transparent display. Cheaper to maintain, but the lighting isn't as nice as the electroluminescent panels.

That said, there's hope. Someone has recently started re-manufacturing the electro-whatever-glows-from-the-back panels.

Here's a link:

They're like, $80. (yowza)


This week, I've also been invited to appear on the Video Games Show (to be recorded next Monday), and I've also been accused of running a horrible scam, something to do with emails. Oh heck, I'll just show you the mail:

This website is using my email address, I demand you to take it off of your list. Thanks. This whole site is rigged by mr. X who made a spoof. Very funny Spamming entre.

Many people are mentally ill. I say this, because I typically get 1-2 of these oddball wack jobs a month, something that I've grown used to over the past 3 some-odd years.

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