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Well, it was a fun NES week, wasn't it?  We've got a lot more NES reviews, some great hardware information (and the links that were along the top are all preserved on the NES hardware page), and enough codes to choke a horse! So, what's next? 

Old press photos (pic) This week, we return to "regular" coverage. I need to catch up with all of the great games that have come out - I've got a review of the new GBA Zelda and the new Contra game that I'll be posting some time real soon.

Speaking of returning to normal...  This month's prize is a Sega Genesis and games, shipped right to you! So, start submitting those reviews, that news, those pictures, and those codes.  Let's get some values attached to the games that don't have values attached yet!

I took some time this weekend to dig through my archives.  You know, that closet that I haven't touched in YEARS.  What I discovered was a TREASURE TROVE of rare information. I have stacks and STACKS of press pictures from the 16-bit era. I've got information about the CD-I, Turbo Grafx, MANY Sega games, a Sega on-line adapter and more.  I'll be getting these pictures and whatnot posted as we move into other classic weeks, and when game news runs a bit slowly. 

Another thing that I found is an incredible amount of old fanzines!  This of course, includes the two fanzines that I worked on, The Panic Zone and Codename: MegaZine.  Check out the picture of my distant past.  Pretty cool, no?  I don't know if I can still draw like I used to, as I haven't picked up a pencil in a long time.  I drew the cover on the second issue of MegaZine, but the first issue was penned by James E. "Floater" Thomas - then editor of New World News.  This was a big time Neo Geo fanzine - man, if this guy is still out there, I need to get in touch with him.  We've got a whole Neo Geo section that could really use his help.  Oh so long ago, SNK gave me permission to use their logos and press pictures.  Thank goodness I got that permission 10 years ago - it'd be pretty hard to get in touch with SNK today! 

My old Zines (pic) I've discovered that a few of the old school fanzines that I knew and loved are still on-line.  I've discovered that some of the editors have gone through some tough times, like Game Zero.  On the other hand, there are people like Joe Santulli, that produce Digital Press to this day.  It's absolutely mind blowing that I've got pieces of their first work, and they're still tap-tapping away at their keyboards, producing game related who-ha to this day.  I must admit, had it not been for college, I too would have continued to publish.  I was considering going pro during the beginning of the dot-com boom (STUPID!  WHY DIDN'T I?!?)  But, I really did burn out of the entire journalism scene.  It's actually quite the relief to me that I reversed course, got myself into computer science, and learned how to program for the web.  After all, if I hadn't done that, I wouldn't be doing Fatman Games today! 

It's kind of nice to have a "history" in the game world.  Perhaps it will pay off some day.  Maybe, just maybe, a guy like me could make his living by writing about or working with video games.  Yes, that's the true motivation behind Fatman Games: I've had a life-long obsession with the industry, and some day, some how, I'd like to contribute to the industry that I love.  Or visa versa, as the case may be...

Anyway, if you ever have a question about how long FMG will be around, what FMG is going to do next, or how I view the industry, just look back.  Look at my past to see how I'm going to proceed in the future.  I'll be here, wanting to do more, wishing I had more time, and...   having 10 year delays in publishing something!  :)

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