How do I cure the bird

Topic: Furdiburb - Lite
Asked on: 6/18/2014 8:43:16 AM



 You go to the moon by buying the moon mission to get a tear drop go into your inventory and get the collection flask and let a tear drop fall into it you have your tear now buy the potion and there should by a floating thing with the bird on it save that fall back to earth now go to the place with the cage by the robots factory and put the thing with the bird on it to the empty slot on the left here's how to play the game press play and you will hear a melody on each row you try to get the right key when you've done all the rows press play and when it's done ypu will see arowspointing up and down that means the key is either up or down when all the keys turn yellow you've completed that level play all 6 levels and on the right side there will be a music note save that now go back to the nightingale give her the note and she will give you her feather and she will be happy( don't worry she comes back ) save the feather and at the place where you played the game you will see a recipe(cherry+strawberry+feather) go to the factory put it in the tubes and now you have a piece for your spaceship go to the spaceship and put it on and your done hope this helped??

Answered on: 4/3/2015 7:09:55 AM