I Cant understand the key configuration of .cmd files in dbz mugen edition can anyone tell me by giving example of this Command name IA10 command D DF F x time 1

Topic: Dragon Ball Z: Mugen Edition 2
Asked on: 2/19/2012 8:16:47 AM



 it is a cammond in this D=down F=forward B=back DF= down + forward (press these two button on the same time) DB=down + forward  (press these two button at the same time a,b,c,x,y,z are attack button you can edit them too in my pc the commands are like that F, D ,x or D ,F ,x but you should never ever put two same command in a character according to me the strongest character in dragonball ball z MUGEN edition 2007 is son goku (the goku whick has stick in his hand)

Answered on: 1/27/2017 5:48:12 AM