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8  |  Monster Truck Madness 64: View From the Tower
chadtower , 8/6/2003 9:14:32 AM
Monster Truck Madness 64 is exactly what the name would imply: pure monster truck jammin' fun! I'm not a big racing fan, but my son has made me a monster truck fan, so I picked up this title figuring he'd like it. It turns out I'm the one who is addicted to it!

Graphics 7.5/10
The graphics are pretty good given the speed with which they fly past. They're not stunning, but few things on the N64 are, and they accomplish the goals of the game while not being intensive enough to hinder processing speed in any way. The terrains look accurate enough that you can tell what they are without thinking. The trucks are very faithful to their real life counterparts and the weather conditions are good enough that with a small amount of disbelief suspension you can really get into it. Driving from several different perspectives provides variety and the first person mode is really cool.

Control 9/10
This is where this game really separates itself. I'm not going to say that I know how it feels to drive a monster truck, but if I had to imagine the physics of it, the control of this game is exactly what I would come up with. The terrain is bumpy enough that the slightest misstep can send your truck bouncing, flipping, and rolling. That's what monster trucks do, right? They bounce, flip, and roll. Sometimes the suspensions on the trucks are a bit, shall we say, trampoline-like but that just adds to the fun of the driving. The analog stick is VERY sensitive here and you find yourself making a lot of really tiny tweaks to steer. Be sure to have a properly functioning N64 controller for this one, or even better, get the Interact Steering Wheel/Pedal set. I don't use the pedals personally but the steering wheel combined with first person perspective makes it a great time, especially when you are using the special items like guided missiles and nitrous.

Extras 7/10
Okay, now, I love extra modes in games, but since I normally play games alone, this gets a bit lower of a score from me than it probably deserves. There are some unusual ones for a racing game, that's for sure. Included are Soccer, Hockey, and King of the Hill. Hockey with a monster truck? Yep, two goals, a monster tire as a puck, and driving around on the ice.

Replay value 8/10
Especially if you're into multiplayer racing, there is real replay value here. I know I'll be coming back occasionally if only because I just don't see many other monster truck games out there and I've become addicted to driving that monster truck in first person with the Interact steering wheel.

Overall 7.875/10
I'd definitely recommend this game not only for racing enthusiasts but for those who don't normally play racing games. If I can enjoy this, being a decidedly nonracing game kind of gamer, pretty much anyone who enjoys a good monster truck rally should love this game from beginning to end.

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