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Codes & Cheats

???'s Z Medicine:
DaFuZzMaStA , 4/11/2003 8:14:21 PM
Press Up(20) when "Press Start" flashes at the title screen. Start the game and complete it in circuit mode to get ???'s Z Medicine as a prize.
ANOTHER super password
DaFuZzMaStA , 4/11/2003 8:08:54 PM
Enter QSF??[circle]B[spade]C~GJHCGL?[heart]?BKBV as a password. Suzaku will have more items, ten medals and Bokuchin and Ryumuao will be unlocked.

Dark Dragon Claw:
DaFuZzMaStA , 4/11/2003 8:15:03 PM
Successfully complete the Ryumaou Tournament as Yuka at Rank S with 60 second, two round and normal difficulty settings. Note: You must already have nine medals.
Easier difficulty level:
DaFuZzMaStA , 4/11/2003 8:13:52 PM
Highlight the "Easy" difficulty option, then repeatedly tap Left until "Very Easy" is displayed
Fight as Bokuchin:
DaFuZzMaStA , 4/11/2003 8:09:29 PM
Defeat Bokuchin during the game.
Fight as Ryumaou:
DaFuZzMaStA , 4/11/2003 8:13:19 PM
Defeat Ryumaou in the Ryumaou tournament
Fight as Virtual Ryumaou
DaFuZzMaStA , 4/11/2003 8:13:33 PM
Successfully complete SD Hiryu mode as Ryumaou. Repeat this until receiving the random Skull of the Devil King prize. This will unlock Ryumaou at the Virtual Hiryu screen.
Harder difficulty level:
DaFuZzMaStA , 4/11/2003 8:14:06 PM
Highlight the "Hard" difficulty option, then repeatedly tap Right until "Very Hard" is displayed
Hint: Bokuchin: Black suit
DaFuZzMaStA , 4/11/2003 8:15:14 PM
Select Wiler and do his Wiler Bomb any other bomb with a character on Bokuchin. He will wear a new black suit briefly.
Hint: Ryuhi: Red belt
DaFuZzMaStA , 4/11/2003 8:15:45 PM
Select Ryuhi and do his Super Kinryuha do Robo No Hana. His belt will turn red briefly.
Platinum fighters:
DaFuZzMaStA , 4/11/2003 8:14:48 PM
Select "SD Hiryu" mode and fight in the circuit. Defeat a platinum character to earn a medal. The platinum characters will be playable after all ten medals have been collected.
Rare items:
DaFuZzMaStA , 4/11/2003 8:14:35 PM
Press Down(20) when "Press Start" flashes at the title screen. Start the game in SD Hiryu mode and win a tournament to get a rare item.
Ryumaou tournament:
DaFuZzMaStA , 4/11/2003 8:13:02 PM
Earn nine medals to play in the Ryumaou tournament.
Super passwords:
DaFuZzMaStA , 4/11/2003 8:07:48 PM
Enter RVC?[Diamond]VB[Square]C[Circle][Circle]JBWFL[Club][Heart]RBM[Circle]F as a password. Suzaku will have more money and stronger items, and you should be able to use Ryumaou and Virt. Ryumaou.
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