Legend Of Zelda, The: Links Awakening DX
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  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Adventure - Maze/Puzzle/Explore (example - Zelda,Tomb Raider)
  • 1998
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  • Everyone
9  |  Teaching Old Games New Tricks
MC_Booga , 1/13/2004 4:09:50 PM
I will always remember this game. It was the first Zelda game I came to own. Released around the time of N64 and Game Boy Color, this remake is still very entertaining.

Link's Awakening starts out with Link traveling back to Hyrule after some questing. At sea, he comes upon a storm, and all seems lost when a bolt of lightning strikes his raft. When he wakes up, he finds that he had washed up onto a mysterious island, with a giant egg on top of the tallest mountain.

Released originally for the black and white Game Boy, the DX version adds a whole new dimension: color! Fortunately for me (who didn't have color at the time) it was completely backwards compatible with the Game Boy and the Super Game Boy for the SNES.

Not only is color added, a whole new dungeon can be accessed with a Game Boy Color! In this dungeon you can find new tunics that add to your defense or your strength. Unfortunately, you can't get to this dungeon until you've beaten the rest of them, and then it's not all that challenging. You can't even enjoy the powerups all that much, because you've then beaten all the dungeons!

The gameplay keeps to the tried-and-true top-down format seen in the first and third of the Legend of Zelda series. What gets annoying, though, are the objects you can pick up/ram/etc. It will tell you what weapon to use every time you touch or grab them, even if you have the weapon selected! Aside from that, the dungeons and their bosses are nicely challenging, while keeping the usual elements found in the other games in the series.

The controls are simple, and you won't have any problems unless you forget which button you set your sword to. Saving is the the hard part, though. To do so, you must press Start, Select, A and B at the same time.

The sound effects are all Zelda-like, and they don't get repetitive or get annoying quickly, and the music is some of the best I've heard for the Game Boy B&W and Color systems.

I give this game a 9 out of 10. The addition of color makes up for the more annoying parts of the game.

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